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Obama Promotes Planned Parenthood, for his Daughters’ Sake

Flyboy4 Wrote: Jul 27, 2012 8:08 AM
So our president wants his girls to have choices for their heath care, but then only wants 1 choice, Obamacare. Wow, what a doof! Someone please impregnate these girls so they can go get their abortion.

The President told his supporters earlier this week at a fundraiser that Planned Parenthood should keep getting funding so that his daughters could “control their own health care choices.” Obama enthusiastically promoting Planned Parenthood is nothing new. But the radically pro-abortion President shamelessly including his 11 and 14 year old daughters in his Planned Parenthood pitch is a new low.


“Mr. Romney wants to get rid of funding for Planned Parenthood. I think that is a bad idea,” Obama said. “I’ve got two daughters. I want them to control their own health care choices....