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I think the state of Louisiana should simply tell Eric Holder to butt out! No, we won't stop this program. It is working, and we're not going to bow to your abuse of power. The onus in on Holder to explain why these children should be moved back to the failing schools.
What an idiot Obama is. "Raising the debt ceiling does not add debt". Well, good. That means that we don't need to raise it again, since we already did a year ago. Where did this guy come from?
I must agree with you on cameras, but my peeve is with video. I am sick, sick, sick of seeing the extremely poor recordings that people produce with their phones when capturing an event. They can't hold the camera still. They can't keep the subject in frame. The focus is horrible. Why even share the video in the first place. It's more distracting trying to watch it than enjoyable to see what they're trying to show.
So we expel a student who makes a mistake, fesses up to it, and takes responsibility for their actions. On the flip side, a teacher who bullies a student is placed on "administrative leave" so the administration can relocate them to a school where they won't be recognized while they continue to keep their employment with the school system. Wow!
Actually, marriage has been around longer than government. Government has recognized marriage as an important, fundamental, stabilizing force in our society. Government didn't create marriage, God did.
Is this what the left means when they talk about "tolerance"?
Good for them! The unions have been screwing companies for years. Let them eat crow!
Would he also call President Obama's reaction and preparation for the safety of our diplomats, negligent?
So our president wants his girls to have choices for their heath care, but then only wants 1 choice, Obamacare. Wow, what a doof! Someone please impregnate these girls so they can go get their abortion.
If that's true, why isn't he pushing for food stamps for all? What happens when you run out of people to pay INTO the system?
I would certainly not try to deny these facts. I would, however, say that we have come a very long way in our history in learning from these mistakes. We still have ground to cover, but we have learned a lot as an relatively "young" country.
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