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Union "Victory": Chrysler Reinstates 13 Workers Fired for Drinking on the Job

Flubadub Wrote: Dec 13, 2012 7:33 AM
And this makes sense how? What kind of warped twisted minds can be the teachers of this kind of outcome? A bunch of druken potheads, all they make is cars that you drive your family around in, not like they are doing anything important. After all anyone with any care and concern about the safety of their family would only buy a foreign car anyway.

The following story proves what common sense has long ago suggested, that unions have outlived any possible usefulness and they are also hugely counterproductive to the goal of getting any work done.

Please consider the Detroit News article Chrysler reinstates 13 workers fired for drinking on job.

Chrysler Group LLC says it was forced to reinstate 13 workers who were fired from its Jefferson North Assembly Plant two years ago after being filmed by a local television station...