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Those Pesky Mayans

Flubadub Wrote: Dec 13, 2012 7:24 AM
Conservatives only hope is that the Mayans were right. Only 8 more days under sickening B. Hussein O. then completely ectasy as the world explodes

If you've been awake for anything more than 13 minutes, some toothy, giggly anchor dressed in a sleeveless dress on your local news channel has already told you that today is 12-12-12 and he then added that the next time there can be three numbers the same in a date will be January 1, 2101.

Of course, there won't BE an 01-01-01 because why? Because the end of days is 12-21-12 which is almost a palindrome.

More to the point, it is also my 66th birthday.

Why is that meaningful? Because under current law (and until the...