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Really? The Chicken as Endangered Species

Flubadub Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 8:49 AM
It has just come to my attention that cats are killing birds. We need a law that makes cats aware that that is against the PETA rules about bird protection. Delima, do we get rid of all cats, but wait, the cats have their own lobby that protects them. Their main complaint is that dogs chase and kill them too often plus the cats want more access to birds. Where will this end, let congress figure this out, after all that is where the super intelligent people work.
Jay Wye Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 11:06 AM
any bird a cat can catch is not a healthy or alert bird,it's Darwinian selection at work.
Daniel982 Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 11:33 AM
Careful there, you may be visited by officers from the epa to discuss your impure thoughts.
slk Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 1:35 PM
So cats are really bad hunters and would starve if there were not people feeding them? Is that why we call them "domestic"? Or is this just a cat typing in an answer to justify its murderous tendencies?
orbits Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 2:54 PM
This is not confirmed by my experiences of 80 years living mostly in a rural environment. A healthy bird is no more insulated from making mistakes than is a healthy human. Combine this with the cleverness of a feral cat, and you have the formula for a well-fed cat at the expense of a healthy bird.
IddiKlu Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 10:50 AM

No one wants to send a species to extinction, but when a chicken that can be hunted and cooked for dinner is proposed as an endangered species, one has to question the entire program. When that proposed endangered species listing brings together representatives from oil, gas, and wind energy companies—as well as ranchers and farmers—you can be sure changes are needed in the way the Endangered Species Act (ESA) is applied.   

The specific critter in question this time is the lesser prairie chicken (LPC) and the proposed ESA listing would have the federal government killing jobs, thwarting economic...