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Platitudes, Promises, and the Failed Pro-Union Policies of Illinois Governor Pat Quinn

Flubadub Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 8:28 AM
Forecasting is easy, just decide what outcome you want to show and work backwards to any unsupported made up "facts" (lies). Simple want 7% growth, why so low if you want unlimited spending just forecast 10 times that much so we can have opulance not just welfare. Every American should have their own printing press and unlimited money, this is America get $1,000 a day, no wait make that $2,000 no wait make that unlimted like B Hussein O wants, no limits on your bank account.

I received an interesting email moments ago from John Tillman at the Illinois Policy Institute, a non-partisan watchdog of the ongoing mess in Illinois.

I traced the source back to an excellent article on Illinois Review written by Ben VanMetre, a Senior Budget and Tax Policy Analyst at the Illinois Policy Institute.

Please consider a repost of Quinn’s Illinois: regulations and cronyism crush entrepreneurship by Ben VanMetre.

In Gov. Pat Quinn’s State of the State address, he said, “In our Illinois, small business means big business. Driving...