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Why not find the closest Muslim owned bakery and try that on them. They would cut off the heads of the brides and serve them up on the cake. Try that on for discrimination.
The only thing the unions hate worse than their ill gotten gains being stopped is that the truth is told about how they get the citizens money. When that happens you get weeping and gnashing of teeth and then the anger and mob crime start from the union thugs. If unions don't get their way somebody is going to pay dearly and the MSM will cover up their crimes.
B Hussein O has a job, he just doesn't do it.
During recent research on polar bear population it was noted that there is an abundance of polar bear cubs and due to colder summers that polar bears are mating to keep warm which has caused the upsurge in little bears. A side note about the only thing that has kept polar bears from a massive population explosion is that little polar bears are tasty snacks to the large ravenous polar bears. Natures way of controlling polar bear population.
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Racism Card Looking a Little Dog-Eared

Flubadub Wrote: Aug 15, 2013 7:31 AM
An ID card, just print one and hand them out by the millions. They are all Trayvon, you know him, he is B Hussein O's boy. That card qualifies for everything, phones, welfare, food stamps, rent money, guns, night sticks, you name it you qualify.
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Obama: Republicans Hate You

Flubadub Wrote: Aug 11, 2013 7:44 AM
There can be no greater source of lies than to listen to B Hussein O give a speech and to those that only listen to liberal dumbocrat claptrap there has to be a ginormous amount of discomfort to be fed continuous lies and the feeling that goes with being lost. I cannot imagine being continuously lost but that is the only thing that I can think of when trying to understand a liberal dumbocrat. When I see a totally lost spokesperson try to rationally explain B Hussein O's lies that fly in the face of logic it almost makes me feel sorry for them, almost. What is so hard to understand is how so many people that dislike their own treatment by the dumbocrats still carry their water and try to explain the bold face lies. When questioned they do not even like their own position and it shows through their pained expressions.
What happened to shame and embarrassment for getting caught doing stupid things. One of the best things I learned growing up was when I did a really stupid thing my dad made me go and openly apologize for my idiotic behavior. I found out early that I could not act really stupid without consequences. That being taught to be responsible helped me look up to people and be respectable to others. There was many people to look up to and learn from that being respectable to others and their property was part of growing up and being a respectable adult. Weiner missed that lesson and is a gross human POS that must be put down by New Yorkers because he is not someone that needs to be seen by the children of New York as anyone to emulate, he is a poster boy for the despicable type of creep to cite as an example to to avoid. Since he won't give up the voters need to squash him and his followers.
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Wait—I’m Not Quite Through

Flubadub Wrote: Jul 31, 2013 7:21 AM
There is always an over abundance of applicants of all the jobe posted so why not just double the number of employees and have twice as many people working paying double the taxes and double the spending that the original number of employees. all you have to do is figure out how to sell twice as much stuff and that is a simpler solution to fix the jobs, tax and employment situation. Glad I thought of it.
A new jobs policy by B Hussein O is that the govt will hire everyone that wants a job. No actual work required but they do get a paycheck. That will drop unemployment to zero and put money in the pockets of everyone to spend. Sales of everything will go up, tax revenue will necessarily sky rocket and the govt will have all the revenue to pay everyone. The liberal dumbocrats will tout this plan as having no down side. Also must join the union, is this perfect or what?
What is wrong with these liberal dumbocrats and liberal repubs is that they have no source of information except the MSM or their liberal cohorts, it is a sealed system of life that is like a parasite that feeds on the host until death for all.
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Obama the Unembarrassable

Flubadub Wrote: Jul 26, 2013 11:48 AM
Something inside the liberal dumbocrat that short circuits the ability to be embarrassed or to recognize a lie for what it is. B Hussein O can tell the biggest lie and still show zero emotion or embarrassment that it is totally bogus, and a complete fabrication He somehow believes it himself and can keep right on proclaiming good news on top of a pile of lies. Only someone totally devoid of a conscience could do that or someone even worse. Four great Americans killed on his watch and no one knows where B Hussein O was at that time except that he was in the White House. He knew and I think he even watched it happen. That is our president?
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