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Quips, Slips and Gaffes in Presidential Debates

Floyd35 Wrote: Oct 04, 2012 9:16 AM
I don't care what gaffes everyone did, or did not have in the past. I just want this cretin out. Side by side Mitt Romney stands heads and shoulders above BHO on moral issues, the economy, foreign affairs, and over all trust worthiness. He was confident, and when BHO tried to lie and say that he supported something that he did not, he pointed it out each time. BHO like a broken record kept trying to put words into Mitt's mouth, but Mitt was not allowing it. This frustrated BHO and when Mitt hit him over his pay offs to his bought supporters, and how much he had cost the American tax payers he began to crumble. I would have suggested that he tried to stop lying or stuttering, whichever he could achieve? That would have been been neither!
Mitt Romney was 13 years old and Barack Obama had not been born when an energetic-looking John Kennedy, 43, and a tired-looking Richard Nixon, 47, walked into the WBBM-TV studio in Chicago for the first general election debate between presidential candidates.

It is generally held that television viewers felt Kennedy won the first debate, while those listening on radio, unaware of Nixon's improvised makeup, felt Nixon won.

That's probably overstated. Contemporary accounts suggest most viewers felt both candidates did well, while the single poll of radio listeners had a small sample possibly tilted toward pro-Nixon rural areas lacking TV reception.