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Protecting Casinos & Robbing States of Revenue Most Important Issue for Harry Reid

Floyd35 Wrote: Sep 29, 2012 8:44 AM
Harry Reid is on the team. Yes he is one of those DREAM BUSTERS. Who are they? They are the ones who give you night mares. They are the ones who keep fuel prices high so you lose your job while some foreign country takes your had earned money and uses it to buy more weapons with which to kill Americans. The DREAM BUSTERS will see to it yo do not retire, do not have a decent income, or have any hope of getting ahead in life. They vote for more regulations, and they buy welfare votes and Union votes, but with who's money? Your money...that who's money they use. They use your own money to ENSLAVE you. I suggest you get rid of those DREAM BUSTERS and live again, and hope again, and dream again. Like that idea...then vote Republican !
Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid hasn’t had time to pass a Senate Budget in nearly four years but he’s found a way to give states more debt and unemployment headaches. As states struggle to balance their budgets in the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression, Senator Reid wants to federalize online poker, effectively robbing states of BILLIONS of dollars in lottery revenue.

As reported by Politico, Reid allied himself with Republican Senator Jon Kyl to draft a bill that would federalize online poker and ban states from offering ALL other forms of Internet gambling. This would...