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Obamacare Jiujitsu

Floyd35 Wrote: Dec 11, 2012 8:11 AM
Chuck I hope you are on the right trail. But think about this if you will. If the GOP works out a deal in which they amend the voting rights bill so that you have to pay a minimum of a 20% tax rate or lose your right to vote until you meet that requirement that would end the free loaders. The super rich would have to pay up or lose their right to vote on any issues or candidatesl. Those who live off the sweat of those who work would lose their right to vote until they get a job and become contributors like everyone else. This would put a severe damper on vote buying which enables many to stay in office. They simply buy votes with freebies which others have to pay for and they drive the country deeper and deeper into debt. We have to stop it
Give them what they want ,but make them amend the voting rights bill so that you do not get to vote if you pay less than a 20% tax rate on your earnings. A failure to do so means no vote for the greedy rich who refuse to pay thier fair share. It also means those who live off the sweat and hard work of others do not get to vote because they contribute nothing to anyone. They have to get a job and earn a taxable income or they do not vote. This would make it undesirable to give away freebies in hopes of getting votes. It woudl help end vote buying! Gradually new faces, honest ones, would replace the old ones in congress and the country would work its way out of debt. Think about it!
Just convice them to change voter qualifications so that if you pay less than a 20% tax rate you can not vote in the up coming elections until you do pay that amount or a higher amount. This would help convince the rich fat cats to pay up, or they will lose their voting privileges. It would also eliminate those who pay nothing, but get to vote for the vote buyers who offer them the most free stuff. This would put the middle class, and the slightly above middle class folks, back in charge of running the country. Why not? After all they do the work, and they pay the bills through their taxes don't they? Think it over and pass it on to your Representatives.
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Voting Your Way to Prosperity

Floyd35 Wrote: Dec 08, 2012 9:42 AM
Our leaders or our lack of leadership makes a difference. That is why we need to encourage both the Democrats and the Republicans to change the qualifications on the right to vote. If you do not pay a 20% tax rate, or higher, then you do not get to vote until you do pay that percentage of tax on your income. This would keep the rich fat cats honest or they would lose their votes. This also would encourage the welfare crowd to get a job if they want to have a vote in govermental matters. This would essentially put the middle class, and those slightly above the middle class, who do pay their fair share of taxes in chage which means we will get a better slection of officials. They can not simply buy the office through promises or our tax money
Let them have their tax increase. Do a trade off. Have them attach a bill which puts restriction on our voting privileges. You have to pay a 20% or higher tax rate in order to qualfy to vote. That mean the rich fat cats (1% & 2)crowd will not have a vote unless they pay their fair share...and that is what you want is it not? This means the middle class who the Democrats are trying to protect will be in control in the next election. Not the super rich or the super poor do nothing crowd. This would solve a lot of problems near term and long term....don't you think?
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Obama Hypocrisy Index Picks up Steam

Floyd35 Wrote: Dec 08, 2012 9:21 AM
Let them deficit spend, however insist that they attach another bill to the spending bill which puts restrictions on who can vote. If you don't pay at least a 20% tax rate you don't get to vote. That means those rich 1 and 2 % crowd will have to pay up or lose their right to vote. It also means those who refuse to look for work will lose their vote because they don't pay a 20 % tax rate either. This means the hard working folks who do pay their fair share will be in control. How about that? The middle class or working man will be in control....glory be. Do you think the Democrats will allow that to happen?
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GOP Strategic Retreat?

Floyd35 Wrote: Dec 08, 2012 9:16 AM
Good ideal Paul, however you and your buddies should try to get Harry and the rest of them to pass a bill attached to this bill with new qualifications for voting. If you don't pay at least a 20% tax rate you don't get to vote. This will keep those mean old skin flint rich fat cats from voting, or else they will have to pay up. It will also mean those who pay nothing at all will not have a vote either. It will mean the hard workiing middle class which the Democrats claim they care so much about will be the ones who decides who gets elected in the future. Why? Because they work and they pay 20% or better of their net income in taxes to the government. What's to lose? Try it and see.
The only thing that is going to help Conservatives is to pass a bill changing qualifications to vote. If you don't pay a 20% tax rate or don't get to vote period until you do qualify. That would eliminate the greedy few who make millions, but don't want to pay their fair share, and it would eliminate the lazy few (many) who pay nothing at all. They just take and then sell their votes to the highest bidder. A bill like this would put control back in the hands of the middle working class who keep this country running and who supporft it financially.
Simply locate Ed Asner's house and give directions to it so the hippy dips and Occupy crowd can go camp out on his property and deficate in his yard. Do the same for his Multi MIllionaire buddies. That will soon shut them up once they step into something smelly and squishy left by their left motley friends. The problem with most Conservatives is they don't have a mean streak in them like I do. The GOP is a fraid to call them bald face liars and hooligans. Why not call them what they are....after all...that is what they are.... and you all know it.
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War on Capitalism

Floyd35 Wrote: Dec 06, 2012 11:33 AM
As long as votes can be bought with our tax payer money, or promises to deliver some special privlege to a certain few, there will be corrupt officials in charge. Our economy will suffer, our freedoms will become less and less. We will be slaves to racial, and selfish greedy motives. We need a law that says we have to pay 20% or higher in order to vote. That would eliminate those who pay nothing, but sell their votes, and the greedy who just don't want to pay their fair share. Will Congress ever pass such legislation? Not unless folks like you urge them to. So Charles contact your Representatives and urge your readers to do the same. Put our country back in the hands of the workers who pay the bills!
The best way to destroy this country is to drastically cut our defense so our enemies can walk all over us. The second best way to destroy us is through our older folks. Cut their social security benefits so they will die off faster and simply give up to the slave masters. This will trickle down to their children who will see the handwriting on the wall for themselves in the not too far distant future. The economy will sink just like the Titanic sank... and just about as fast! We desperately need to change our voting laws to eliminate the vote for all who pays less than a 20% tax rate. By doing this you will take a way the incentive of the unscroupous politicians of buying votes. They will have to appeal to the workers.
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