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5 Reasons "Negro Spotting" At The Republican National Convention Is Stupid

Floyd35 Wrote: Aug 31, 2012 8:27 AM
If the Liberal half baked News Media did not find fault with the Convention and its speech makers I would have been disappointed. Why? Because it would mean that they were mediocre and did a very poor job. It would mean that they do not believe they way we believe. Face facts if the News Media likes you, then you must be full of stinky stuff with flies buzzing around your head and slobber running out of your mouth. These guys are bought and paid for by the Liberal One World Government crowd. It is their job to demean the GOP, and all God fearing, patriotic people. When you meet or talk to them hiss at them and call them vipers. Refer to them as scum bags of the earth which they are. It will make them feel right at home.

Have you heard of "Negro Spotting?" It's a liberal game on Twitter. Libs see a black person at the Republican National Convention and they laugh and laugh at the hilarity! Why, there aren't a lot of black people there! That must mean Republicans are racist! Ha, ha, ha! This actually tells you a lot about how liberals think -- or more accurately, don't think.

1) "Negro Spotting" is a sign of how little racism the Left can find: Most liberals believe deep down in their bleeding hearts that conservatives are evil, bigoted racists! Yet, there's no racist...