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The tweets are great who works at rolling stone Psaki or Biden?
When a Republic disintegrates the loudest and most abusive voices are heard over taxpayers and honest citizens. Republics are for thoughtful citizens not what is being turned out from our entire education system, They want ignorant fools who will blindly follow them into HELL.
"America is about lawbreakers ?" That is not the America I grew up in and will not last as a country with that foul attitude. Try to cross Mexico from anywhere and you will be stopped and perhaps harmed . The illegals are crossing because someone is paying Mexican coyotes to bring them 1400 miles Look at Marine who made a wrong turn and he has been held for several months and Obama could care less.
Eric Holder is a thug and an ideologue posing as Atty. General not watching the Constitution but enriching himself, his lawyer friends and Tim Geitner. He should be impeached for doing nothing on the 25 scandals under Obama which he ignores as he goes after banks like John Dillinger. 10 Big Lies from the Obama Administration
Eric Holder doesn't' like strong women he likes Sandra Fluke a wimp and a whiner in other words a democrat slug. Holder is now using distraction to get Obama's border debacle off the news the distraction is his old Standby-racism Whenever he or any liberal black get's in trouble racism is shouted from the housetops merely to distract the lamestream media . I thought Janet Reno would go down as the worst Atty. General in history but Holder will beat her by a mile. when you couple his foul past with Mark Rich and Bill Clinton Holder wins in a landslide, his first victory in life.
I have never paid attention to De Pasquale I will now his friends are my friends Andrew, Gutfeld and Krauthammer. It is always pleasant to stumble over something you find enjoyable that is how I found Andrew.
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A Truly Great Phony

FloridaJim Wrote: Jul 14, 2014 10:44 AM
There are so many good Conservative blacks yet they are ignored by the media and the voters who want "more of the same" as Detroit, Chicago, Gary, Calumet City prove "more of the same" will strangle you. Chicago has Emanuel, The Teacher's union President and another democrat running who , on God's green earth sees anything but becoming Detroit for this once great city stolen by democrats and their lies.
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A Lame Duck Country?

FloridaJim Wrote: Jul 14, 2014 10:35 AM
"plugs McKenzie" becomes a safeguard against impeachment...what a great idea!
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A Bitter After-Taste

FloridaJim Wrote: Jul 14, 2014 10:29 AM
The Mideast has no desire to change why leave the 7th century when they have all the oil they need to rule their area? All they have to fear is each other and the 72 other sects who may behead them without notice.
Our disgusting politicians have made themselves lifetime employees just as teachers, professors and unionists all never being held to account because of lazy bribable voters who blindly follow these fools. Term Limits is a must this would end the confusion and give us people we can quickly remove if they become like a Rangel, Waters, Frank, Reid, McCain, Graham, Cochran, Barber.
I will read your book as soon as I can get it and I look forward to it. Hillary's books are childlike the author is Hillary's alter ego, I believe. "It Takes A Village" was another $8,000,000 advance and I know no one who has read it these books are a duplicitous method of funneling millions to the "poor" Clinton's as if being worth $200,000,000 is not enough. Everyone should see Dinesh D'Souza's movie "America" to understand Hillary, Ayers, Bill and Saul Alinsky the authors of chaos for America.
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