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I had more respect for Leno than I should have had. A coward bowing to Marxist pressure.
We have millions waiting patiently and orderly to enter America as legal immigrants please remember it is the foul democrats who stand at the border thumbing their noses and mocking those who wait patiently while democrats sneak in their friends for the next vote.If you see Reid, Pelosi, Obama , Biden , Durbin, Boxer, Feinstein, Rangel pleaser give them your opinion of what they are selfishly doing to your children's future.
This simply tells us how wasteful the governments are. Rather than read the bills they pay a tenured, multi-millionaire professor to read it and tell them what it says and how to avoid saying the word "tax" so it doesn't frighten the stupid taxpayers. I begged you to oust all in congress and Obama's foul administration you didn't do nearly enough too many are still breathing.
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Enabling the Delusional Democrats

FloridaJim Wrote: Nov 19, 2014 11:26 AM
E.J. Dionne is simply one more "elite" who thinks all who question him are "stupid" just like Obama, Holder, Pelosi or Gruber. Their is an elite class made up of politicians, media,lawyers, professors, lobbyists, unionists, government employees who believe they are better, smarter, and more current than those fools who pay taxes.
Gruber sounds like a multimillionaire, elitist, tenured MIT professor who has lost touch with real Americans or who wouldn't touch real Americans. Tenured professor's are not known for their kindness many only for their perversions. Sadly our universities are full of Jonathon Gruber's who can't be fired, can't be questioned and can't be concerned for anyone but themselves. Obama is a hero to his type.
Perhaps Gruber is correct.. Are we too stupid to see what took place in the Senate. This was a sham vote to look as if the Senate really wanted Keystone Pipeline but was stopped by a few recalcitrant members. That was all a game to give Sen. Landrieu cover and others in her party to avoid the Steyer/ Soros cabal to kill American energy. They should all be voted out and taxpayers should demand Term Limits for all to stop this embossing and fraudulent game used so frequently by these slimy politicians. Close this EPA, FCC and all agencies until we can get honorable people to work there and not the foul activists infesting every corner of the Obama administration. When you elected Obama you elected someone from the sewers of Chicago.
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A Legacy of Liberalism

FloridaJim Wrote: Nov 18, 2014 12:31 PM
There are so many excellent Conservative black leaders yet the lamestream media either ignores them or ridicules them shameful.
Simply ignore Obama and all he does. He has two years to go and he will leave in infamy. Joust say "we will deal with it and pray he leaves soon" By ignoring a narcissist he will go crazy and our problems will end try to time it so Obama and Biden leave the stage together .
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The End of Dodd-Frank?

FloridaJim Wrote: Nov 17, 2014 11:02 AM
Obamacare, Dodd/Frank, Sarbanes/Oxley, McCain/Feingold were all too big, too confusing and dishonest in their presentation this is what we citizens get when we elect dishonest people to serve us and we do not demand complete honesty from them.As citizens we should not ask what they will do for us but demand they do as we wish or bounce them PERIOD! Our government has become foul and our citizens are just as foul, I am afraid. Winking at lies, distortions and freebies...shame on you.
If Obama knows you you must be corrupt. He seems to know no honest person Jonathon Gruber who called Democratic voters "stupid" was paid $400,000 by Obama Obama knew but didn't say he also was paid $2,000,000 by several states to sell Obamacare. An honest person answers questions fully when asked a liar tells half-answers or distracts to confuse the questioner. Obama is a foul man and surrounded by even more foul people , if that is possible.The whole world now sees Obama as we in Chicago do, a creepy liar.
When congress gave the power to regulate to unelected and unvetted activists in every agency and department in government they gave away the country. America is poised to prosper like never before but is halted by the foul Obama administration and these agencies: EPA, IRS,VA,HHS,DHS, ICE, ATF, GSA, DOJ, FBI, CIA, Secret Service, FCC, Border Police, I can't think of one decent department or agency that is doing its job properly or honorably can you?
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