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Damaging Admissions

FloridaJim Wrote: Feb 17, 2015 11:42 AM
Wherever unions go the customer suffers through higher costs, many more employees of low skills and the idea unions promote that "everyone needs a job" . Everyone needs an opportunity and if they fail they must be fired and go elsewhere as they learn the necessary tools to holding a job. This is never a part of unions once a person begins paying union dues it never ends. Schools, government, police, fire, all deteriorate when unions take over.
Please do not forget Hillarycare was exactly the same as Obamacare another democratic debacle that took two years of bill Clinton's first term and then did not get one vote to pass. Clinton was on his way out the door until Newt Gingrich made Clinton pass ""welfare reform" after three vetoes and that saved Bill's entire Presidency he has not one other success.Bedding women as JFK, LBJ and Bill are famous for does not count as a success other than their foul world os despicable husbands and fathers.Hillary has not one success in her entire life traveling the world as a Sec. of State does not count as a success simply earning frequent flyer miles on the taxpayer. Benghazi lies simply make her an Obama protégé in lying and failure. Arab spring is anything but a success for either, is it? This is the worst 8 years in America's history and it will get much worse I fear as democratic lies overwhelm America.
A racist is anyone who has a differing opinion from any democrat who has kept blacks inn slavery with the Great society $25t trillion waste enriching race-baiters politicians and professor's.AS Brian Williams lies expose him CBS will be next they are as bad as NBC with lies, bias and exaggerations.
It shows an abysmal lack of knowledge about The Crusades, Islam and history. It also reveals Harvard, like most American colleges, are not teaching history they are indoctrinating their over-charged students with Progressive diatribes. Here is the truth I pray Harvard picks up on it:
Are you fed up with Mr. Transparency ? It will get much worse in 2016 if a democrat is elected. America is dying a slow death under Obama despite what Brian Williams and other lying pundits say we are looking at Moscow in 1917 the schools lie to us just as all but Fox News and WSJ and a few blogs tell the truth the rest are fans of Brian Williams and al Sharpton both NBC hacks.
Obamacare has been in place since 2010, the hallmark of Obama's administration But it is not fully implemented because it is so cumbersome and still being written and jammed down our throats as big government must do. Obama and democrats want an enormous government full of lazy bureaucrats who do nothing but spy on the few remaining taxpayers and look up ways to get all the monies from everyone. This is how big government works and you are following along like a puppy to your death and no freedom at all. Obama and his administration has lied o us from day one and will do so until there is no America just Marxism.
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Measles, Vaccines and Autism

FloridaJim Wrote: Feb 10, 2015 10:30 AM
We know parents who wasted a great deal of their hard-earned money on doctors and lawyers trying to milk them as their children remained behind other children they never became normal and the parents became poor. Joe Kennedy should be sued for his work on this scam also for his global warming scam efforts. Why do super-rich think they are smarter than everyone and most are merely hypocrites.Has there been a worse family than the Kennedy's when the truth is known?
Jindal is rising in stature. He has done well for Louisiana .
Why not they already have their union cards. Under Obama and democrats bad employees are welcomed, coddled and put in rubber rooms as long as they pay the union dues. Nothing more is required look around them for proof.
As the democrats disintegrate in front of us America can only rise from their ashes to become, once again, the one free country on whom the world can depend. I can't wait.
Walker, Kasich, Perry and Carson have more experience and credentials than the others including Obama , Hillary and Walker. Rubio needs some accomplishments other than being a Cuban. And I like him a lot.
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