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Our President is a liar just like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro and all tyrants. He is lost and strangling America just as race-baiters strangle blacks and now are including "browns" in their victim world thanks to Gutierrez
HOORAY, one by one blacks are awakening to reality that America is the only country anywhere where everyone has a chance from birth Obama is a great example but he has fallen victim to Sharpton and race-baiters including those from Harvard who are lost without a black victim class which they made by their Great Society programs destroying a solid black family where children respected their elders, spoke well and articulately while trying to improve themselves and rise like all Americans can if not strangled by race-baiters. Blacks have many examples that have solid lifetime values from their families of old return to them please. God bless you.
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Tortured Reasoning

FloridaJim Wrote: Dec 16, 2014 11:17 AM
Even liberal fools like Obama, Brokaw, and Holder would drop their hypocrisy at some point. It is easy to be a hypocrite in faculty lounges they do it daily and on most, everything they don't agree with. After spewing their hatred in faculty lounges they enter the classroom or send the intern to continue their diatribe and feeling smug about the "stupid" taxpayers. How democrats sicken me and many Republicans like McCain.
I know all mosques and imams worldwide will flood the media with expressions of terror regrets by other muslims, have we not seen the outpour often? Why allow muslims anywhere it never works out for the welcoming country they behead one another think how they hate infidels.
Anything Obama wants is great for terrorists but bad for America and "the middle class" which Obama has stepped on for 7 long years lying every time he mentions the "middle class" He treats them as he treats black followers someone to whom he can lie without repercussion.
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The Cop-Killing Cult of Larry Davis

FloridaJim Wrote: Dec 12, 2014 11:25 AM
That is a great attitude for a thug and Al Sharpton. Responsible people know police are doing their job even when a mistake is made. There are far more violent students, blacks, illegals and politicians than police. There is a new video out shown Democratic hero Michael Brown, Ferguson thug, beating up an old black man in his neighborhood. Remember when the media whined about the video showing Michael Brown in the Ferguson store robbing and hitting the clerk and we were to ignore that part of Mr. Brown's day.
This phony "report" authored by sleazy democrats as they lose power is done to "rewrite history" as they have done since 1865 when they passed a "slavery forever bill" and it was hidden in history. Sanger, Wilson, FDR, JFK, LBJ, abortion as race control, Carter, Clinton and now Obama all have had history changed to favor their false actual history. If student knew the truth no one would ever vote for a Democrat. This "report" will be used to denigrate George W. Bush and claim Obama was far superior to Bush in every area of life and that is such a lie it transcends all other lies from Obama. George W. Bush is and honest man and did his best to keep America safe. Nothing in the bill was against the law and nothing done by the CIA wasn't done to SEAL's in training. Bush is better and more of a credit to America by any measure than the foul, slimy Obama.Despite the lies everyone but ideologues is learning the truth about Obama and his slo9my administration and it is not pretty.
Why can't his message get beyond Townhall So many Conservative blacks do so well in America yet their message remains unheard. What can we do to get this message out to where it is most needed black areas controlled by race-baiters. We are losing America and the Marxists are slowly taking control When Obama and his friends talk about "stupid voters" he is speaking of blacks who blindly follow race-baiters who strangle the same followers. Communism consists of a few controlling the mass an this Gruber's message "we are smarter than you shut up" The Central Planning of Stalin felt the same and stopped all dissent. The next step in the progressive process is Marxism which dominates democratic dark rooms and all universities.
He has zero charisma and a message that turns people off. I like him and I like most of his ideas but his articulation and complete lack of passion makes me think he is wasting his and our time. A powerful message of America returning to greatness is a winner but I see no one telling it properly other than Mark Levin.
Hillary is a dunce and an fool Saul Alinsky is her idol. She is despised by those who worked with her in Arkansas, White House, New York and State Department she is not a nice woman she is not a honest woman and she accepts bill's latest Mistress so she is not even a feminist she is a FRAUD."The First Family Detail-Secret Service Agents Reveal The Hidden Lives of the Presidents" By Ronald Kessler gives some facts on her nibs.
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