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He sounds lust like Sebelius and that is an insult. Talking points have been abused and should be rejected by everyone. Let the fools stumble along so we can see how truly ignorant they are and vote them out. Clinton perfected the "talking point" scam because he needed to avoid the truth.
Between Cummings, Lerner and Holder a Special prosecutor should be named to keep the slimy Holder from making the case a sham of lies. The longer this drags out the less likely to be a success against Obama. Lie, obfuscate, blame, duck, run, misdirect, vilify, ridicule have we not seen all their disgusting tricks why can't you act?
muslims like blacks are not held to any standards it is too embarrasssing to democrats to do so. It is much easier to blame conservatives and keep the enslavement going another generation.
Sebelius: Obamacare Launch "Terribly Flawed" should be on her epitaph as the understatement of the century. Is she now off the payroll or has Obama simply added one more dolt because what does a payroll mean to him.
Democrats must say this over and over again"Yes, "Elements" of the GOP Base are "Animated by Racism" or their entire lives have been wasted on foolishness. Being black has kept the democrats alive and enslaving them has worked well as we have wasted $25 trillion dollars on the enslavement and after 50 years nothing has changed the race baiters have become rich beyond their wildest imaginations as have the politicians and lawyers and professors but still the neighborhoods are unsafe, are falling apart, with schools that teach nothing and no one is held accountable by any democrat for anything. How could a group of people be misled for so long by so many and not awaken puzzles me. The good blacks who succeed through their own efforts are mocked by those on the take and Obama keeps the myth alive by lying daily.
Obamacare had nothing to do with Sebelius who was a politician lost in her job and a boss too stupid to admit he made a massive blunder with her. So Obama stumbled along and Sebelius looked and acted lost ""what me, worry" now a new dolt arrives and does anyone in America think Obamacare will change one iota. Obamacare isn't about anything other than control by democrats. If Obama wanted to "fix his monstrosity" he would talk with congress but he doesn't , he hasn't and he won't an ideologue never admits mistakes, do you Barry? Why people don't boo this fool at every appearance tells much more about them than about him.
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Obama’s Blue-Green Bust

FloridaJim Wrote: Apr 13, 2014 11:11 AM
Obama is a fool. His entire life is a fraud he cannot tell the truth and never has on many important matters. Watch him as he talks before paid followers they even seem bored with this fool. Isn't it time we impeach he and his disgusting administration? If we had an honest media and an honest daily fact check on not only Obama but all politicians they would all be impeached . When you add his failed policies on top of his mountain of lies impeachment would not be an issue if Obama were a Republican the media would be screaming for it, such is the slimy media we have.
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BREAKING: Kathleen Sebelius Resigns

FloridaJim Wrote: Apr 12, 2014 11:37 AM
Who will check to se that all her pay, all her pension, all her benefits end immi9diately we cannot allow the inept Obama to give her one dime more which he will try to do. It isn't his money and he doesn't care about honor, trust or responsibility. Stop her payments at once!
THE story floored me I thought Patrick Leahy , whom I despise, was a hero but he isn't he the same old Marxist we have known and despised for decades. They never change simply rot.
Great story is right. Mike Adams has been a hero of mine for years and his conservative views have clashed with the North Carolina orthodoxy I pray they pay a ton of money to Mike and awaken the entire disgusting college, high school, congressional and lamestream media systems that still don't want a second viewpoint.
This hope Fox News or Fox Business is looking at her for an opening. If she is a democrat she could replace Beckel and shut him up once and for all. An ideologue living off the 60's and made to look foolish by Gutfeld daily with the facts on democratic lies,[ KKK, slavery forever, abortion to control races, separate the military, confine Japanese, start social security to hook the fools into healthcare and we' have them forever" FDR said] the history of democrats in not pretty they have used Saul Alinsky to control the media and their followers.
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