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BREAKING: Kathleen Sebelius Resigns

FloridaJim Wrote: Apr 12, 2014 11:37 AM
Who will check to se that all her pay, all her pension, all her benefits end immi9diately we cannot allow the inept Obama to give her one dime more which he will try to do. It isn't his money and he doesn't care about honor, trust or responsibility. Stop her payments at once!
THE story floored me I thought Patrick Leahy , whom I despise, was a hero but he isn't he the same old Marxist we have known and despised for decades. They never change simply rot.
Great story is right. Mike Adams has been a hero of mine for years and his conservative views have clashed with the North Carolina orthodoxy I pray they pay a ton of money to Mike and awaken the entire disgusting college, high school, congressional and lamestream media systems that still don't want a second viewpoint.
This hope Fox News or Fox Business is looking at her for an opening. If she is a democrat she could replace Beckel and shut him up once and for all. An ideologue living off the 60's and made to look foolish by Gutfeld daily with the facts on democratic lies,[ KKK, slavery forever, abortion to control races, separate the military, confine Japanese, start social security to hook the fools into healthcare and we' have them forever" FDR said] the history of democrats in not pretty they have used Saul Alinsky to control the media and their followers.
Opening the Keystone Pipeline will make Obama look like the ideologue he has always been a selfish move. While the middle class has watched gas prices go from $1.83/gallon when Obama took office to $3.59/gallon today and nothing has changed in the environment other than billions of wasted tax dollars by the same Obama. what a fool you elected.
The only scandals in America were only scandals because Republican Presidents were in office Watergate under Nixon and Iran Contra under Reagan. Despite the slimy democratic presidents the media is in bed with democrats and Benghazi, Fast & Furious, IRS, DOJ all real scandals covered up or ignored by this administration and this media is a terrible injustice to, our great nation. History will show the slime of this administration and this media caused our downfall. Republics cannot survive under a media that is complicit with a corrupt administration the world will be the true loser . Without America freedom is gone forever and you did it
WE don't want him we want true conservatives who will demand small government, personal responsibility and follow the Constitution not a phony "living document" Progressivist talk to do what they want not what our founders wanted which was great for 200 years and made America the greatest county ever and now we watch it fail under the dolts leading us to HELL.
Showing those a jail cell for years will stop the abuse under Obama. He leads the charge for dishonest government top to bottom. Every department under him has become despicable just as it is in Chicago, Cook County and Illinois can, even you, see the connection?
Obama is not about opportunity he is about lying and obfuscating if he were serious he would open the Keystone Pipeline and unleash America's job potential not simply lie to us endlessly and think we can't see through his being a fraud any longer. At what point do we say we have had enough" and impeach the fraud?
Sounds like Morris and Rove talking about Romney " a sure winner" until mid--election night.
This exactly the path that Nazis took in the 1930's and Stalin took in the 20's. Start small and build a coalition which soon begins to dictate every facet of life squeezing the people until they strangle or make a mistake which sends them to the gulag. As the Obama's tell us what to eat, what to plant and what to think how is that one iota different than any tyrant who ever lived? Most Germans became bullies and may have regretted it later they still were bullies and had to live with their cowardice all their lives.
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