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The entire American education system has been hijacked by Marxist/Progressives. It doesn't teach how to reason it teaches how to follow democrats with no opposing thought. Just like the media.The costs are astronomical because of unions, tenured professor's, lawyers, lobbyists, politicians all wanting apiece of the action.The actual education system should be closed and begun again without all those named above. I worked my way through in 4 years and owed not one cent why can't everyone? Community colleges, study from home, use on-line classes,demand professor's not interns do not ever borrow money to fund one hour of education it is a tremendous boondoggle just like The great society.The more each person owes the government the less freedom that person has. Listen to Obama everything he says is to tie your hands to the government this is communism, naziism not American. Colleges, food stamps, mortgages, auto loans, tax credits letting he government in one inch starts the takeover.
Obama and Holder want to control all police departments and use the law to force each one to be "racially compliant"" a law passed under Clinton in1994 to give the DOJ control over every police department. As each racial case comes up the DOJ inserts, itself into the case to appease the local blacks and race-batiers. Once the process begins the DOJ has the tools it wants to control the police.Here is a book on Obama's DOJ it is not very nice:"Injustice-Exposing The Racial Agenda Of The Obama Justice Department" By J. Christian Adams[former attorney for the Voting Rights Section Of The Department of Justice-resigned due to Black Panther Party farce.
I know no one who watched Obama is a loser and I am ashamed of him as my President. As bad as Obama is Hillary is far worse with not one success in her entire life failure after failure, lie after lie, foul swear words after foul swear word to all who serve her . Hillary is despised by the employees in Arkansas, Washington and NewYork she is mean and vindictive. Please read this book to understand how awful she truly is to all to whom she owes nothing:"The Final Days-The Last, Desperate Abuses of Power by the Clinton White House " By Barbara Olsen
We are rapidly racing to another huge stock bubble as banks loan money to everyone Just as they did in 2007.Student loans are about to explode, auto loans, likewise, mortgages are getting ready to accept NINJA loans no money, no income, no job no assets this is what happened in 2007 and out silly congress gave us a Dodd/Frank bill too ponderous to read and too weak to follow it is worth nothing and the names Dodd/ Frank are fitting for the debacle.Why do we keep doing the same things and getting the same result isn't this what race-baiters have done for 4 generations are we no better?
Duplicitous. He is a man not to, be trusted and surrounds himself with similar people.
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Early Presidential Prospects

FloridaJim Wrote: Jan 21, 2015 9:15 AM
I pray they listen we have had terrible candidates and Romney, Bush Boehner, McConnell or any of their friends will fail again. Who believes anyone in Congress? A peasant ,articulate person who can handle questions smoopthly,honestly and convince America conservatives have the answers as Coolidge and Reagan did the, rest not so much.
Jayson Blair,Maureen Dowd, Joe Biden, Doris Kearns Goodwin, All await you in writer's hell. I would add Obama as soon as Ayer's confesses.
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The Most Wasteful Government Programs

FloridaJim Wrote: Jan 17, 2015 11:23 AM
Waste fraud and abuse have been a mantra from Obama every state of the union message he has given he mumbles words and does absolutely nothing but add to it by never firing a soul who has been shown to rape the taxpayer while building a massive and unrevocable pension the "middle class" cannot enjoy.Obama has raped the middleclass just as democrats have raped blacks for 50 years.Tom Coburn gave after documenting the massive waste, fraud and abuse because no one cared.The answer is :balanced budget, term limitys, flat tax, strong military and reduce government employees by 50% and see if anyone notices. Koskinen will cry like a baby a he di when Lois Lerner was shown to be a poster child of waste, fraud and abuse and retired handsomely on the taxpayers she mocked.
All government employees who owe tax dollars or who are cheating the taxpayer should be fired with no compensation or benefits. why6 should we be saddled with fools and incompetents? Koskinen is the epitome of what is wrong with government and he replaces a worse fool Lois Lerner who should be in jail..
The astronomical cost of a college education is ridiculous. The foolish students and parents are paying for the high cost professor's who work very little and let interns do a lot of the indoctrinating , teaching left in the 1960's., the overstaffed administration and employees other than professor's that add very little other than cost to a college degree of which many are worthless. Ask Michele Obama about her diversity coursers which got her a job making $ 100,00 per year in Chicago until her husband put in an earmark giving the school a $1,000,000 grant which saw her pay raise go to $300,000 at once and when she left to join Barry in Washington the job was never replaced. This is the type of education you are paying for. Jonathon Gruber, a tenured MIT professor who mocked the stupid taxpayer, many with worthless degrees, while touting Obamacare and collecting $6,000,000 dollars doing so. Paying Elizabeth Warren a Harvard tenured professor $300,000 to teach one course who in this great land thinks they are getting a good education? You are not allowed to question the professor, pose another idea or , horrors, demand a different opinion. This gives American student useless degrees and a Progressive view to keep the fools in power forever milking the student as democrats milk the blacks for 50 years. Wake up America. Everything democtrats touch ends up smelling like Chicago.
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The Cross Examined College Prep Course

FloridaJim Wrote: Jan 12, 2015 11:29 AM
Great idea I do not believe liberals/ Progressives/ democrats,/ New Dealers /abortionists/marxists [same people with name changes to confuse students and media] can think any less of you and , perhaps, students will understand Christianity is the answer to the world's questions.
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