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Can't you realize the 60's radicals and their foul offspring has infected the entire education system, the entire government employment system and the entire media. They have reproduced exactly what they wanted an entire generation of radicals like themselves hating America but not having anywhere to go since no one wants them .once the heritage is discovered. Only this could explain how so many arrogant dolts can be found explaining everything we see and hear with a progressive response when the truth would free us, and them.
More people need to hear your voice. Progressives lie about Castro and Che as if they were heroes instead of the scum they were . Didn't you say in one of your books Castro was responsible for Che's death? Or am I wrong?
And people wonder why police are nervous when facing a black thug committing a crime. ISIS will straighten out the entire democratic cabal .
There also 4 white college students in Texas at Texas A.& M who went into a McDonald's after a campus event only to find it filled with black thugs fighting and arguing among themselves the thugs, upon seeing the young students' cried " you came to the wrong place cowboys" and proceeded to beat them and killed them and Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Ogletree have said nothing here is the story:
Tee shirts with the words "my body" emblazoned on them might as well say "I am a sl.." like the 60's women who made abortion as birth control a mantra to the deaths of 70,000,000 babies 20,000,000 black.
He will print more money how else does destroy America the culture is gone, the Constitution is in shambles and the Congress and government employees are watching porn all day. Every department , agency and government employees corrupt look at those we see representing government on TV would you hire a one of them, no neither would I. I would call them in review their performance and give each 90 days to perform or leave. Washington, Virginia, Maryland are all filled with selfish ingrates who are getting rich while the country suffers under the 6th year of Obama while lies and does nothing but destroy our beloved country.ISIL is looking better than Obama.
A new voice with a good powerful message can win. The progressives have lied for so long and bribed so many people to vote and the media is in bed with them so it is tough a new voice can be heard
Obama is not much of a basketball player nor much of a golfer, I hear he cheats like Bill Clinton taking mulligans and saying "give me a five on that last hole, when he had an 8" Combine that with his Presidency and we should deport him to Iraq along with ISIL.
Another dirty little secret is Obama, Holder Ogletree, Sharpton Jackson and every race baiter is using this to steal another election. Obama uses race to win that has been his tactic at every election[thinkTrayvon] He decries that but eventually race comes out in the "get out the vote" wail. I feel no guilt at all for the plight of anyone because most of us started very poor but worked hard and did well without the government. Any government is a blood sucker and the more you turn to them the more Stalin or Hitler appears.
Never hold back Michelle they might think you like them!
Keep Obama, Holder and democrats along with their foul EPA, IRS, ICE, DOJ, State and Education and America will die as Europe is doing dump these foul people and America will be a powerhouse in three years after we cleanse ourselves from the scum they left us. Every bill , law and regulation passed be scoured to understand what is truly hidden in it to haunt America for decades. Oust them all in 2014 and let's begin the cleansing!!!
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