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Plugs McKenzie makes Obama look smart, weak but smart compared to Plugs.
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A Policy So Bizarre, So Obama

FloridaJim Wrote: Jul 23, 2014 9:35 AM
Putin laughs and mocks Obama an impotent foe.
Is Sebelius still on the government payroll? Anyone want to bet she is still sucking up tax dollars and building her pension on my money! Obama is such a pathetic fraud he can't fire anyone Shinseki was forced down his throat is the only reason he left and probably with enhanced pension under the slimy Obama.
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Bordering on Madness

FloridaJim Wrote: Jul 22, 2014 11:38 AM
No country can exist without borders and Democrats-Progressives are using race and children for their foul game of destroying America to win elections. America is the best country ever conceived because of our Constitution Obama and his 60's radicals hate America as the Book and Movie" America- Imagine a A World Without Her" tells us specifically and in detail. I believe Dinesh D'Souza has it correct as he did in the movie "2016" .Their entire game plan since the 60's has been wrong and their every act has been foul.
I believe Israel I do not believe Hamas, any Palestinian or any muslim. I do not trust them at all they are taught to lie in the Koran. Read these books and learn what you should have in schools all your 22 years of education: "The Devil We don't Know-The Dark side Of Revolutions in The Mid-east" By Nonie Darwish , "Dancing With The Devil" By Michael Rubin, "Gaddafi's Harem"-Annick Cojean-The story of a young woman and the abuses of power in Libya by Gaddafi Islam ia foul religion led by ignorant Imams and ignorant followers. If you believe these books.
Mexico is joining Russia and South America against America it appears-a marine jailed for a wrong turn, illegals everywhere, children being used to invade America and turn her Marxist, cartels openly defying us and shooting at border agents] isn't it time we shot back?
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The Armpit of Academia

FloridaJim Wrote: Jul 21, 2014 11:24 AM
College has become a joke with not shaving armpits as a protest for whom, idiots? Student loans are in debt one trillion dollars today and two trillion dollars by 2020 and Obama is doing nothing to solve the problem only adding to it. Obama, lawyers, lobbyists and professor's are making billions off the student loan debacle as they did in the mortgage loan debacle when will student awaken and say enough is enough? The costs are outlandish, the degrees are worthless, the professors are lazy and interns too ignorant to substitute. I worked my way through college in years with not one dime of debt, why can't everyone?
What scares America is to have a President who talks and says nothing but lies over and over. We see through him and do not like what we see. He spews out foolishness about "the middle class 'while he has robbed them of their pensions, healthcare and belief in /America as a bastion of freedom. He has been voted as the worst President ever and his legacy will be far worse when all the facts come out about his foul administration and his Weimar Republic fiscal policies. For those who have been indoctrinated by the progressives for 50 years in schools at every level this is what the Weimar Republic ism about: Weimar Republic from "A Terrible Splendor" By Marshall John Fisher Weimar Republic began as the "bloodless revolution " of 1918, followed by a communist revolt in 1919,Storm troopers or brown shirts quelled that uprising , hyperinflation of 1923-24. The government began printing more money as the only way to pay it's debts. The German Mark, which had gone from four per dollar to, seventy-five per dollar between 1914 and 1921 shot to 48,000 per dollar in 1923. In October a dollar would buy 440 million marks and then 4,200 billion. Paper money became worthless as soon as it was printed. A life savings could be wiped out in hours. Retired Generals and ambassadors on fixed pensions could be seen scouring garbage cans for bits of food. "
Get Petraeus on the witness stand and get him to tell America the truth he has all the facts and is not a coward. I believe he loves America enough to sacrifice his career for Her but he will become a lifelong hero for his legacy. The Obama administration is far too devious and lies endlessly to believe anything they , or Hillary, says.
This is Elizabeth Warren in a nutshell:“The more that is given, the less people will work for themselves, and the less they work, the more their poverty will increase.” — Leo Tolstoy She is a Marxist all her life. A phony Indian using her heritage for selfish reasons. A tenured Harvard Professor wealthy beyond her wildest imagination feigning struggling while living like a king all her life. Just another Progressive dolt posing as a "friend of the poor" just like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Obama. She is a 60's radical with all the lack of virtues that means. See the movie" America- Imagine A World Without Her" By Dinesh D'Souza to know the real Elizabeth Warren her friends are responsible for the mess America is now enjoying.
Excellent! Liberalism is race-baiting times 10. “The more that is given, the less people will work for themselves, and the less they work, the more their poverty will increase.” — Leo Tolstoy
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