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How many muslim terrorists lurk in the mosques across America and when has any mosque or imam outed even one. We have a threat within and it is caused by our lax immigration system. Ted Kennedy in the 90's ran bills through congress allowing the Mideast to get special passes and it brought us then 19 9-11 killers. We have 50% of America who hate America but won't leave no one wants them.
Perhaps we should lower our taxes to keep business in America? When Reagan did that America had a boom until Clinton ended it in1995 when the stock bubble burst . Clinton had the benefit of Reagan's tax reduction , of course, Bill Clinton took credit for it but he should not the facts show under Clinton welfare reform was his only benefit to America and that was a credit to Newt Gingrich. Bill Clinton had Hillarycare a huge joke, Monicagate, impeachment and nothing else to brag about. History was revised by ideologues in colleges to make Clinton seem a hero but the facts show otherwise.
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Facts vs. Visions

FloridaJim Wrote: Aug 26, 2014 11:35 AM
Black on black shootings or killings are astronomical when compared to death by policeman. White deaths by blacks go unreported as is happening now at Texas A.&M where two whites were murdered by a black mob for no reason whatsoever and who knows about it? Obama and Holder are not running there or claiming "they could be my children" are they race drives democrats and race-baiters profit from it forever it appears. Another close election and another race crime do they go together as planned or coincidence?
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The Media and the Mob

FloridaJim Wrote: Aug 26, 2014 11:29 AM
Racists in the mold of Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson, Cummings, Rangel, Dyson do not need to appear anywhere their minds were mad up decades ago and they have never changed them. Circumstances may change, the people may change but their minds are locked in the 1960's.
Have we not learned anything from Obama-when he says he wants transparency it means they will shut off all communication he doesn't like; when Obama says "you can keep your doctor" it means you have no chance in hell of keeping your doctor or your health plan, when they say " we don't see things through a political lense , he no longer fools anyone it means politics is the lense from which this foul man and his foul employees see everything ask the IRS or VA for proof. Obama is a liar joining the Clinton family in the race for biggest liar ever .
It is hard to look at Jesse Jackson without thinking he has been made a very wealthy man, and his family along with him, on the backs of the blacks he has kept in poverty. We have wasted $25 trillion dollars on The War On Poverty with nothing changing other than Detroit, Gary, Newark, Baltimore, and now Chicago all sinking into an unlivable morass of crime and deterioration all under democratic leadership for 50 years! While Dr. Carson came from a very poor background his mother would not allow he and his brother to become victims they had to study and work while she had two jobs and no husband but her boys succeeded and are wealthy, well-respected and trying to help others with a message of self-determination not victimhood. God bless Dr. Carson Jesse should be in jail, with his family for fraud and corruption. In Ferguson, Missouri one of the protesters confronted Jackson condemning him for being a fraud and a race-baiters. If more did that the race-baiters would slink to the hell they have created for others.
The college professors at Harvard and every university in America will be celebrating along with Hillary, Bill Clinton, Obama, Elizabeth warren, Samantha Powers, Janet Napolitano and 90% of the administration all committed Marxists who have never gotten over the fall of the Berlin Wall. they still think "we can do it better" and they are still wrong. Capitalism is the answer and the world awaits a rejuvenated America and an Obama in Kenya or whomever will accept his as Lenin had a difficult time finding a spot to die.
I am praying America awakens to the truth about this vile family The Clinton's they are as bad a family as we have ever created they lie, cheat, steal, and do so repeatedly generation after generation. Read any of the books coming out and you will see how rotten they are. Start with this:"The Final Days-The Last, Desperate Abuses of Power by the Clinton White House" By Barbara Olsen even their friends call them "lying bast...s".
If you doubt what Israel is telling us about Hamas that they use their citizens as shields and Israel does all it can to warn the Gaza residents to avoid killing or harming them please read this book: " Son Of Hamas"
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We Don’t Have to Have More Fergusons

FloridaJim Wrote: Aug 25, 2014 8:28 AM
There a bad policemen and bad citizens when there is a problem we have the law to decide fairly and honestly. Most countries have chaos and guns ruling them, tyranny. Why not allow the system to work with the gathering of facts, an open forum and race-baiters out of sight? Racebaiters want chaos they need to be seen and heard to maintain the power. Without the chaos race-baiters have nothing and no followers.
It appears most of the media blacks follow the same political mantra as racebaiters. Juan Williams has two conservative sons but he waffles as being fair and being black. He spouts the democratic talking points just as Debbie Wassermann-Ditz does which makes him look like a fool. Arenas will be ostracized, I fear. Democrats and fairness do not go together Saul Alinsky trained Hillary and Obama in being unfair and never listening to opponents mock and ridicule them instead.
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