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We have an excess of government employees but so few do anything but watch porn and play video games aren't you taxpayers concerned? You must vote out democrats and hold every employee's feet to the fire to do their jobs well and not allow waste and inefficiency become whistleblowers and make America a powerhouse once again.
The endless list of crimes committed by this administration must be taken to court no matter how long it takes. Obama and Holder and Lerner believe they can get away with their crimes but a fair justice system doesn't excuse even Presidents from crimes.
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Where Was President Obama?

FloridaJim Wrote: Oct 24, 2014 11:27 AM
Obama is not "shaken" by anything he has no conscience , no soul, no heart he is an ideologue and nothing else. He ahs filled his foul administration with like minded activists and they will not be happy if democrats lose they will immediately retaliate with some foul events to distract from the loss. The amnesty he will ram through will end America's freedom and America is th only shining light for the world Obama will, joyfully snuff it out.
Let's pray Eric Holder leaves his DOJ post and goes directly to JAIL where he deserves to reside until Lois Lerner dies or confesses. Holder and his wife are multi-millionaires and are lined up with Bill Clinton and Mark Rich to receive several more millions since Rich was pardoned under very suspicious tactics by Holder for Clinton.Perhaps Eric will report to Chelsea in the Clinton Foundation scam?
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Why Republicans Don't Get It

FloridaJim Wrote: Oct 22, 2014 11:24 AM
Why can't we light that fire now never has there been a greater demand for honor, wisdom and hard work where is that hero for us. I do not see him. When things go well in two weeks let's pray some noble hero emerges with a personality, an articulate spokesperson who can laugh and joke while making sense and pointing out how wrong Progressives have been sine the "slavery forever" days of their youth.
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The Hunter Biden Chronicles

FloridaJim Wrote: Oct 22, 2014 11:18 AM
Good ol'e slimy Joe he and his family never changes they smell like Chicago, isn't that where Obama is from? Biden is said by the Secret Servicer people who attend his every wish to be the worst assignment next to Hillary in the entire department. Hillary while a foul mouthed rude, lying woman who abuses almost every employee she has had in Arkansas, Washington and New York is revered in Progressive women circles. She runs her "bimbo eruption squad " outing every Woman Bill fondles and now the SS says he has a new mistress neighbor while Hillary winks and leaves the house as necessary.....The Clintons', the Biden's, the Reid's, why did they have to be in my century?
They are not sophisticated at all they are bribed to vote, they use their ignorance as a crutch to steal elections as they do not the names of "their" candidates they are told either to "let us send in your ballots" or pull the democrat name lever. Details of the way democrats treat blacks:"Injustice-Exposing The Racial Agenda Of The Obama Justice Department" By J. Christian Adams[former attorney for the Voting Rights Section Of The Department of Justice, resigned due to the New Black Panther Party abuse of the election system in 2008 and duplicated in 2012! The book goes into Noxubee County, Mississippi to show how this vile process works under progressives led by Holder and Obama.and this is everywhere no wonder blacks never leave race-baiters they can't they are tied with corruption.
When racist progressives start losing power they scramble to tear up the Constitution to "give" America away to illegals, EBOLA victims, people on welfare and unions all to be paid for by the fewer and fewer tax payers. Look for amnesty soon to gain the election if stealing votes doesn't work. They can't win on issues they are on the wrong side historically on every single one but the media joins them in the destruction of America. Once freedom is lost it never returns Obama's legacy of losing America to Marxists will haunt him forever.
WE are not cutting ourselves off from West Africa we are assessing the situation to determine if West Africa is safe for Americans to accept any of them in our country. Oddly Obama's father had no problem "cutting himself off" from his hippy wife and her offspring.
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DWS: Dems Will Hold the Senate

FloridaJim Wrote: Oct 20, 2014 11:06 AM
Debbie has a new hairdo, one from the 60's. Joe has a mistake for hair he paid a fortunes less hair than Dennis Miller whose rug looks great. Joe must get furious every time he looks in the mirror which is 50 times a day.
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