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"voting intelligently" denies democrats the right to vote. They have boasted for decades "you don't need to know the name just pull the democratic handle" that tells how bribes and threats control elections. When there are more votes than voters most people would say "something is wrong" but not in Minnesota where Franken stole an election nor in Indiana where Obama stole one. Franken mocks those who vote for him because he knows he has brought nothing to Washington except unfailing Obama votes. If you like Obama vote democratic if you like freedom never vote democratic.
You Are 'Just a Vote' to Sen. Landrieu, that is all they have been since FDR's Social security lies began. He said once they think they are getting something for free they will always vote democratic. LBJ boasted during the 1964 race "when I get The Great society programs passed no black will ever vote for a Republican. Actually this is the truth you have had hid from you for decades:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwPEWiNadhA
Mr. Transparency has let us down once again, and lied again. How many lies before we remove him and his entire administration of nitwits? Have you ever seen as many fools representing congress or the government who appear to be either sorority girls or OWS graduates?
The name is not "Charlotte Clinton" I is Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky and all Arkansas is proud!
" I take full responsibility" isn't that Hillary's line as she passed the buck to Susan Rice, Samantha Powers and Obama. When someone says "I take full responsibility and resign I will believe them and have more respect than I now have for anyone in our government they all seem to be Obamaish! The entire government work force is an embarrassment to the 1960s and their plans to remake America. They could only be worse when ISIS starts the attack and Obama wonders "where are the boots on the ground" I thought the Kurds would do it or I thought Iraq would do I must be more thorough" as someone races down the Whitehouse aisles from an unlocked door. This isn't funny folks this is our country that we are losing!!!
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David French Slays Goliath

FloridaJim Wrote: Sep 29, 2014 11:18 AM
I am excited to read more.
Pure evil has one side only. Islam is pure evil and should be abolished world wide beginning in America by deporting all in every mosque we have. They are all cowards and too terrified of their fellow ,Muslims to do what is right and that is condemn them and leave islam. Democrats want to fill America with anti-American fools so there will not be one example on earth of a great honest nation for all to see as an example world wide. Only America has been that example and all the world cannot stand not being strong enough to demand their leaders to "do like America".
Obama cowers before a Bill O'Reilly or Charles Krauthammer who will not let him lie to the nation. CBS, NBC, CNN, are all wusses fawning over him as he fails in front of the entire world. His friends wanted a black man as President and instead of taking a real man like Col. Alan West or Jason Riley or D. Carson they love Obama he is everything FDR, LBJ and Carter were massive failures hidden in rewritten history. Do you believe Obama's history will include his massive lies or will it be rewritten? Obama gives fools softball interviews which embarrass all involved. Oh, for Candy Crowley and Benghazi cover up.
We watch the Obama administration foul up one department after another[ATF,ICE, State, VA, DHS, FBI, CIA, Defense, IRS, Military, DOJ, Border Security, every one can b e named they are all so terrible] the nation is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy the world is teetering on the edge of a Muslim terrorist worldwide rebellion and the administration is lost .They lie to use over and over IRS, Heath care, economy, border, elections, endless lies and the media covers up for them so the taxpayer keeps getting stuck with costs which will bring the Weimar Republic to America. The schools have been taken over to indoctrinate the children for 50 years so the people in government and employed everywhere are ignorant and lazy and blame Conservatives, Christians and everyone but themselves just as Hitler, Mao and Stalin did years ago. Hillary and Bill are such foul people and the media has lied to these same students making them to be heroic rather than the terrible people they truly have been and still remain. Unless the country wakes up and throws out all those they can in 2014 and completes the job in 2016 the country is gone forever. learn about the Clinton's, please:"The Final Days-The Last, Desperate Abuses of Power by the Clinton White House" By Barbara Olsen and "The First Family Detail-Secret Service Agents Reveal The Hidden Lives of the Presidents" By Ronald Kessler . There is an entire industry who appears when any anti-Clinton items are brought forth do not believe them they are a terrible family.Read these books and learn.
I think it is great but I do not like anything about Obama for these 1000 reasons.......
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