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We need many, many more Christians in the world they are the conscience of humanity watch these two muslims:http://www.mrctv.org/embed/127748 and https://honestreporting.wordpress.com/2010/07/07/from-heart-of-a-muslim/ After watching them ask yourself from whom do we get our conscience-Satan, Democrats or Obama? Christians stopped slavery no others involved. Blacks held more slaves than anyone in America, democrats passed a law in 1864 "slavery forever, and muslims began slavery and still use it to intimidate all their enemies[most of the world].We need more Christians and muslims are flocking to join a religion of love not hate. Compare Jesus Christ to Mohammed and satan and report back.
Democrats have used Soros' money and little brains, all they have, and found nothing. They should begin investigating B ill andHillary by reading ""The Final Days-The Last, Desperate Abuses of Power by the Clinton White House " By Barbara Olsen. After understanding how to investigate then try investigating Soros, Obama, Axelrod and their staff they all smell like Chicago.
Obama and democrats are strangling America as they have strangled blacks for generations. Vote out all democrats in 2016 or America dies under a massive big government like Hitler, Stalin and Mao we are near death please wake up. Bureaucrats have become the gestapo.
A powerful message well practiced and rehearsed can win look at Obama no experience and a known liar yet he won over Hillary another known liar.
Obama, Kerry and, Hillary before these dunces, are being played like a hula hoop by Iran and Islamic terrorists. Obama , Kerry and Hillary are desperate for any success they will sell their soul for one and they will sell America as they are trying to do. Obamacare is a debacle just as Hillarycare was in the 1990's, Arab Spring has tuned into a massive Saturday-night live joke, Kerry crawling around every Islamic mosque begging to be accepted would shame most people but not this foul threesome. They should b e forced to return home and end their pitiful attempt for some ignominious achievement other than a massive tax increase. Send out Psaki, Hawf or Rice to lie again is their only out at this time. I can't believe even indebted college students can't see through democrats. Selling a soul is old news for Obama ask unions.
Democrats are unlikeable they can't get along with all their diverse groups who hate one another but band together to takeover every decent idea about America. They are much like muslims who hate each other if they are from another sect until they need a larger group to defeat and even worse enemy like a Christian or....Consetrvative.
Since the 1960's the education system ha been hijacked by 60' radicals who began a systematic indoctrination of all things progressive. Progressives were good Conservatives, Christians and taxpayers were bad. This has been taught since the 60's with the originals radical followed by their children and now their grandchildren. Our students for 50 years have been denied an true education which has been replaced by the drumbeat of Progressivism and the denigrating of truth. FDR failed during His Depression ["New Deal Or Raw Deal" fully explains this and it is not tread by anyone in college today. Covering up of Progressive blunders like-abortion as race control, "slavery forever" a bill passed by democrats in 1865, The Clinton's stealing White House furniture as they left Washington so many lies so little emphasis by the media doesn't make the lies incorrect history will one day record the foul, foul democrats who stole education and replaced it with indoctrination.
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FloridaJim Wrote: Feb 18, 2015 9:51 AM
I would disagree with you today democrats are racist they have made their living keeping blacks down and pinned to the government handouts for 50 years!. Race-baiters and democrat politicians all have become multi-millionaires while their followers remain in unlivable areas of democratic gulags. the Great Society boondoggle removed black fathers from strong families and gave blacks 5 generations of no hope whatsoever. Blaming others is not anything to build a life on, is it?.
I love it I hope many, many others read it and vote out democrats in 2016 or else America is dead.
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Damaging Admissions

FloridaJim Wrote: Feb 17, 2015 11:42 AM
Wherever unions go the customer suffers through higher costs, many more employees of low skills and the idea unions promote that "everyone needs a job" . Everyone needs an opportunity and if they fail they must be fired and go elsewhere as they learn the necessary tools to holding a job. This is never a part of unions once a person begins paying union dues it never ends. Schools, government, police, fire, all deteriorate when unions take over.
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