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The democrats have put in activists in many, many judgeships courtrooms and Supreme Court to destroy the once-highly touted system of justice based on our unique constitution which is being trampled by these activists as they have in schools nationwide. America is about to be killed by Democrats as we were warned by Founding Fathers America will die from within not from outside forces and that death happens in 2016 unless we take back our country restoring freedom and liberty to all the freedom is Freedom Of Opportunity" not freedom of result..
Zuckerberg is coward and hypocrite just another democrat stooge. I think FACEBOOK is a tool for Marxism.
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Obama's Taliban Tools and Treachery

FloridaJim Wrote: 16 hours ago (11:33 AM)
A black cloud came over my Malkin report and I could read nothing is this an Obama takeover?
Obama is an ideologue and he has filled the courts and Department of Justice with as many activists as he can hire and he has hired thousands to subvert or end the Constitution and once that is gone Marxism/Progressivism/Liberalism/Great Society will be rammed down our throats and freedom will be no more anywhere! These books explain the long-sought plan:"Injustice-Exposing The Racial Agenda Of The Obama Justice Department" By J. Christian Adams[former attorney for the Voting Rights Section Of The Department of Justice-resigned due to Black Panther Party farce.;"Obama's Enforcer-Eric Holder's Justice Department"-John Fund /Hans Von Spakovsky ;"The Unarmed Truth" By John Dodson, American Patriot and "STONEWALLED" By Sharyl Attkisson. We are dealing with a subversive element began in the foul 1960's and now with they, their children and Grandchildren the country will reap a disaster from parts of society.
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Random Thoughts

FloridaJim Wrote: Jan 27, 2015 11:35 AM
It is time for all to speak out on the foul indoctrination which has produced a culture of Progressives such as never seen before in America. The 60's radicals gave us The Great Society which strangled blacks and still do but they also reproduced and now their children and Grandchildren are using the indoctrination tools to end America's Freedom and Liberty for, all save them, the blessed. Hyphenated citizens are not citizens at all they are poseurs.
Compare Obama, Kerry, Biden, Earnest Psaki, Harf to Cheney,Bush, Snow, Perino and whom do you want representing our country? Democrats are simply losers who come across as wimps.James Tylor serenading a French President is passed off as a stupendous idea among these fools while the world laughs uproariously at how far America has fallen in diplomatic circles.When will this nightmare end?
I'll bet Obama rushes there to grovel once more. He is not too busy campaigning for his last hurrah to go to France but he'll leave at once for this photo op. He'll probably apologize for Ferguson on the way for not allowing the system to complete the investigation before bowing to race-baiters and Marxists.
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Obama's Bloody Yemen Disaster

FloridaJim Wrote: Jan 23, 2015 11:27 AM
obama is a fraud and a fool and whomever voted for this dunce should apologize and march on Washington to evict him. Freedom is leaving America and you will be sorry. The 60's fools have been wrong on everything and Obama is the culmination of their idiocy. Every part of government, law, common sense has ben hijacked by the democrats and all will look back on this debacle as we do on the Carter administration and all who study on Wilson, FDR, JFK, LBJ and Clinton as Progressive mistakes covered up by the complicit media and schools.
The entire American education system has been hijacked by Marxist/Progressives. It doesn't teach how to reason it teaches how to follow democrats with no opposing thought. Just like the media.The costs are astronomical because of unions, tenured professor's, lawyers, lobbyists, politicians all wanting apiece of the action.The actual education system should be closed and begun again without all those named above. I worked my way through in 4 years and owed not one cent why can't everyone? Community colleges, study from home, use on-line classes,demand professor's not interns do not ever borrow money to fund one hour of education it is a tremendous boondoggle just like The great society.The more each person owes the government the less freedom that person has. Listen to Obama everything he says is to tie your hands to the government this is communism, naziism not American. Colleges, food stamps, mortgages, auto loans, tax credits letting he government in one inch starts the takeover.
Obama and Holder want to control all police departments and use the law to force each one to be "racially compliant"" a law passed under Clinton in1994 to give the DOJ control over every police department. As each racial case comes up the DOJ inserts, itself into the case to appease the local blacks and race-batiers. Once the process begins the DOJ has the tools it wants to control the police.Here is a book on Obama's DOJ it is not very nice:"Injustice-Exposing The Racial Agenda Of The Obama Justice Department" By J. Christian Adams[former attorney for the Voting Rights Section Of The Department of Justice-resigned due to Black Panther Party farce.
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