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Let's not foul this up with the old, whites guys being old, white guys
We have been told so often emails are found" , "the emails can't be recovered", "the emails are lost and can never be recovered" "voila, they are found "I would fire everyone who said anything about the emails until all facts were know and the "experts" found them. Koskinen, Lerner and all involved should be jailed for their lies and deceptive practices. Our government is so bad and inept we deserve to become Mexico.
The immigrants who do not like Obama's amnesty join the ranks of moderate muslims. honest media members and democrats who love America...very small in number and quiet.
Leno joins Obama, Cosby and Holder for the lie of the year.
This is America it can't happen here. Our Founding Fathers just threw up at the country they left and to whom it has now fallen into the Chicago sewers. A free honest media is the biggest problem and that began when the indoctrination of student at every level took place in the 60's and continues today.An honest media is the death of ty7rants and democrats.
The media will still spin Obama's amnesty regardless of their attendance they have the script and have practiced reciting the lies.Why does anyone still watch any news other than Fox News which gives both sides using Conservatives and Liberals to discuss. If you still watch others you are not getting the truth have you heard of Jonathan Gruber, Obama 's paid liar on Obamacare, or John Lewis' lies about Ferguson, or Bill Clinton's neighbor as mistress?
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Control Freaks

FloridaJim Wrote: Nov 20, 2014 11:45 AM
America stands for freedom...at least It did. Step by step we are giving bureaucrats unelected, unwanted frauds who are stealing America behind our back with the help of unions and everyone involved with the government all designed to keep whatever job they have because it is so good, so lucrative, so secure they will do anything to hold it ask Lois Lerner, Cathleen Sebelius, Virginia Nuland, Susan Rice, Hillary and Mary Landrieu. Government jobs should be held for no longer than 5 years for everyone with no pension and benefit ending upon leaving.
I had more respect for Leno than I should have had. A coward bowing to Marxist pressure.
We have millions waiting patiently and orderly to enter America as legal immigrants please remember it is the foul democrats who stand at the border thumbing their noses and mocking those who wait patiently while democrats sneak in their friends for the next vote.If you see Reid, Pelosi, Obama , Biden , Durbin, Boxer, Feinstein, Rangel pleaser give them your opinion of what they are selfishly doing to your children's future.
This simply tells us how wasteful the governments are. Rather than read the bills they pay a tenured, multi-millionaire professor to read it and tell them what it says and how to avoid saying the word "tax" so it doesn't frighten the stupid taxpayers. I begged you to oust all in congress and Obama's foul administration you didn't do nearly enough too many are still breathing.
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