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Same Sex Marriage: A Child’s View

FloridaJim Wrote: Sep 24, 2012 11:16 AM
No that is not what Obama and the progressives want at all they want us to believe any combination of two or more people living together or occasionally living together is acceptable. This is all part of NAMBLA's plan for America which is being enacted under the Holder' Obama regime while we feign ignorance. The schools, the media, the movies, the ads all show many, many examples of this tactic to destroy America and the family so perverts will be happy.
Kids need both a mom and a dad!

The current controversy concerning marriage may be one of the biggest distractions in this election season. It is often categorized as a divisive “social issue.” Many Americans realize that the definition of marriage, the controversy about abortion, and America’s support of Israel are huge spiritual and moral issues which will determine the kind of America we will create for the generations that follow us.

Same-sex marriage advocates love to talk about the freedom to love and their own interpretation of “rights.” The truth is that none of us need a...
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