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Obama’s 2-Percent Flip Flops

floridahank Wrote: Mar 04, 2013 8:47 AM
This WH and all the politicians are the biggest crybabies of all time. Listening to them you'd think that unless they got their way, we'd suffer a catastrophe that will bring down our nation. They are financiall morons -- 90% of them. There can be many options as to how, where and when $$$$ can be moved, saved and inproved -- but not by these nitwits. All the agencies want more $$$ even when there's gross inefficiency in each department. Give me a group of business owners who have run their businesses profitably for 5 years each, and I know they'd find answers to run a balanced, efficient country that our govt. can't and hasn't done for decades. We need business leaders, not politicians if our country is to prosper for its citizens.
Cepat2 Wrote: Mar 05, 2013 11:52 AM
Pardon me, but we had one in the last election cycle. All this caterwauling about the "economy" and the sequester will never - for one moment - refute the fact that we had a brief shining moment to begin the change with a new adminstration that actually understands how wealth is created and the wonderful benefits to all participants in the process. Rather this nation chose bread and circuses as well a religious bigotry over national interest. How unutterably sad.
Ron781 Wrote: Mar 04, 2013 9:10 AM
Government spending is never concerned with profit and seems very focused on not allowing the exposure of graft. How would anyone even define profit in a government agency? How about pages of new laws per dollar. If that we used, the competition would be very close between the IRS and Obamacare.

If you’re reading this, it means you survived the sequester. Of course, as President Obama reminded us last Friday, “this is not going to be an apocalypse as some people have said.”

Some people?

Just ten days earlier, the President said, “And that’s why it’s so troubling that just 10 days from now, Congress might allow a series of automatic, severe budget cuts to take place that will do the exact opposite. It won't help the economy, won't create jobs, will visit hardship on a whole lot of people.”

He went on to warn that “if Congress allows this meat-cleaver approach...

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