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So We Didn't Build This Mr. President of the United States of America?

flodnar Wrote: Aug 07, 2012 9:36 AM
It is clear that You have an agenda. First , "befor" spelled " before". Second, his point that many other Countries have infrastructure, but are not successful. The point Obama was making is that we need more taxes, period! He wants to continue to fund a Failed education system, increase dependency on Government, such as food stamps, and continue his role of destroying the Republic, at our expense. Sorry TJS, but you are OTL.

It is a great irony that our last two presidents have sold themselves to us as uniters, and instead have proven divisive largely because of their eagerness to please. President Obama is now on his resentment-tour, finding every interest group that he can and then pandering to them with all his might.

But that anti-Republican, anti-wealthy coalition building tour has gone off track: the smartest president in history, Barack Hussein Obama, is currently doing everything that he can to distract from his latest and most egregious gaffe in a campaign that has been almost nothing but a long train of...