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Education: No Longer a Panacea for Blacks

flodnar Wrote: Jul 30, 2012 10:19 AM
Note: I too, worked my way through College, 4 years for BSE and 3 for an MSE. I was debt free at the end. I also had 2 children. Not much sleep, but it paid off in my career success.

A recent article in the Washington Post highlighted a particular segment of the nation’s struggling unemployed. That is in itself is not surprising. After all, black unemployment exceeds the unemployment level for handicapped people and many other challenged groups within our nation. The group that the Post profiled was people with Ph.D.s in the sciences. An increasing number of chemists, biologists and other scientists who have invested heavily in their education are finding themselves jobless. Of those who are employed, thousands are doing lower-wage “post-doc” work in laboratories, as opposed to heading up research projects or teaching in universities.