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In November of 2008, the devil fired a gun at America and the bullet he used was the beast, barack hussein obama!!!
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Obama Checks IDs At Campaign Events

flnighthawk Wrote: Jun 16, 2012 9:30 PM
Look, his hypocrisy should surprise no one! This man is a beast!!! Proof of his beastiality is easily seen in the way he walks, in his eyes, his speech...ever notice how his hand is articulated when he is signing something on camera?! obama is EVIL folks. How do you think he beat the Clinton machine?!!! EVERYTHING about him is shrouded in mystery. Fake (YES, fake) birth certificate, fake ss card, fake selective service card, no school records/transcripts made available. EVERY single influence on his life to date came from either a devout communist, socialist or verified marxist!!! Think about it folks!!! Come on, think about it!!! put obama side by side to ANY president in our history...it's chilling!!! It's COLD!!! He's a beast!
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