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Please ignore this idiot, he is a PAID TROLL!!!
Give it up TROLL
Hey WOFATT do they make you guys work 12 or 24 hour shifts, troll. Please TH, do something about these idiots.
*********************TROLL WARNING****************************************** We have another TROLL, going by the name of "WOFATT". This person has posted 168 times in the last 10 hrs. Please disregard this paid troll's left wing propaganda.
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Concealing Evil

FLN8TIVE Wrote: Feb 20, 2014 6:32 AM
@cam25-I have been reading your posts since you started back in October, and my question to you is why are you here? I do not think you are a paid troll, but you are trolling none the less. In case you have not noticed, most of us here do not agree with your political opinions.
***************WARNING TROLL ALERT********************** We have another troll going by "bigbi1I1o". This person has posted 490 times in 16 hours, all of which is leftist propaganda.PLEASE IGNORE THIS PAID SCHILL. I mean come on, 490 posts!!in less than 24hrs!!!! You have to be a proffesional trollor you really need to get a LIFE!!!
@Ray-excellent post!!
WAKE UP FOLKS!!!!! This is what the future will look like for all of us if these idiot left-wing liberals are not stopped.
And I forgot to add, Alinsky dedicated his books to Lucifer.
@carole28-EXCELLENT POST!!! And let's not forget that Odumbo has proclaimed Alinsky as one of his heroes.
******************TROLL WARNING******************************************* We have yet another TROLL here at TH.Posting as "oldervoter86", this person has posted 216 times in the last 6 hours. He/she is a paid troll or at the very least a severely brainwashed individual.Please disregard their leftist propaganda.
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