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@Freeman-I like the way you think!!!!
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A Lame Duck Country?

FLN8TIVE Wrote: Jun 25, 2014 7:34 AM
ButHolman is just another leftist troll
As a lifelong NRA member, I disagree with their stance on this subject. While I myself do not open carry rifles in public, I feel I have that right, under the 2nd Admendment if I wish too. Everybody who is claiming to be a 2nd admendment supporter, and disagrees with open carry, you are part of the problem. For years now, the media & certain public and govertment figures have worked diligently to make the gun itself evil.There was a time in this country that someone open carrying any type of firearm was not given a second glance, and I would argue that during that time, there was much less gun violence. When I was in high school, every truck in the parking lot had a gun rack in the back window, with some type of gun hanging in it and this was in the early 1980s! The public at large has been programed that any gun is bad no matter who is in possesion of it or what it is being used for, and that is one of the reasons we at standing at the cliff now.
@1stcav-I loved your post! Your wording reminded me of my Father, a USMC VietNam Vet(1967-68,1969-70). The only think he would have added was some 55 gal drums of foo gas to the perimeter!!
@WJF-Excellent posts!! It amazes me that the majority of our citizens are uninformed on the Obama administrations true character. Over the years, many have criticized Sen. McCarthy's anti-communist crusade in the 1950s, but history is proving that he was correct. As for myself, I consider the present state of affairs in our country as a culmination of a crusade started in the 1960s by left wing communists.What we are seeing happening directly follows the list of communist directives on how to turn our nation into a socialist state.
Great article!! I was raised hunting and fishing the swamps and the pine & palmettos of Florida, and raised my own children likewise. When my chldren were teeagers, themselves and their friends who were raised in a similiar fashion, didn't have the issues some of th other kids had. They seemed to be more mature and had a helluva alot more ommon sense. When othe kids were getting into trouble with alhohol, drugs, etc., my kids were getting tree stands ready,sighting in bows & rifles, working on airboats, taking care of horses& cows, riding fencelines, and most importantly respecting their parents and others. They were more mature than most 30 year lds these days. I amnt saying this is the only life stye that can teach responsibilty,but it is one that works.
To answer your question,like I said above, when they invade a North American country. I have already given one son to a far away war, I am not ready to give another. ARE YOU???
Mr. Ransom, I read your aticles weekly and almost always agree with your take on things, but I have to disagree with your opinion concerning Ukraine. My opinion is that while I do not want to see a resurgence of the USSR, and at the risk of sounding like an isolationist, we have more pressing issues here in the good ole USA. We have an administration that is rapidly turning our nation into a socialist police state where they only recognize the laws that they agree with and trample our Constitutional rights daily. As for your comparison to Hitler, the first areas he invaded, were those that originally belonged to Germany, and were taken from Germany by the Treaty of Versailles. The treaty effectively took over 25,000 square miles of Germany and with it, the ethnic Germans that lived there.I do not condone Hitler's actions and most historians concede, that the Treaty of Verailles harsh treatment of Germany is one of the major factors for Hitler's & the NAZI's rise to power.That being said, if he would have stopped with the after taking the Alsce-Lorraine,Czechoslovakia, and Austria, there probaly would not have been a war in Europe. And that still left alot of territory(most of Poland and "Prussia") that in reality, belonged to Germany. My point is, since Ukraine was part of of Russia for so long, and there is a large majority of its citizenry who consider themselves "Russian" and want to be part of Russia again, why is that situation any different than say, a bunch of Americans moving to part of Mexico, improving the land, and then deciding to secede from Mexico and form their own country? Sound familiar?If Russia was invading Canada or even Mexico, I think it should be our concern, but Ukraine, let them have it.
@RiffRaff-Just some more info, as someone who enjoys building my own custom rifles, the main reason for purchasing an 80% receiver is the cost, they a much cheaper than 100% receiver. That being said, the info that Tionico stated above is correct and the BATF is out of control.
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