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Salon Editor Touts Biden's 'Mastery of Facts' and 'Winning Personality'

FLharleyPM Wrote: Oct 10, 2012 8:23 AM
Biden's mastery of facts and winning personality? Well, in words of Ronald Reagan, "there you go again".......It will be interesting and entertaining to watch Paul Ryan completely dismantle the aura of invincibility that surrounds the Obama administration in front of the Vice President...the same Vice President that has been tasked by Obama to administer the Stimulus funds approved in March 2009 that have now been spent with nothing to show for it. How will Joe Biden defend the Obama record on jobs and the economy when this country is doing far worse economically since the election in November 2008? The answer is that Joe Biden can't defend it but he can simply spout the liberal progressive Marxist Democrat talking points that he's...