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These two issues are important. However, at this point in our country, I have to say I vote for 2A defenders first and foremost. I watch as this administration is running over Christians each and every day. At some point, if your 2A rights are taken, it will not matter what values you have if you have no way to stand up and fight. Preferably, my Christian candidate choice has a very strong belief in the 2A. I require both!!!
No, I will not use that term, They are Illegal aliens and I will call them as I see them. I am so tired of this. My ancestors had to be sponsored, have a job, and learn to speak, read and write in English to come here. They were thrilled to do just that. They were following the law!
My mom will be 80 this year and suffers extreme pain from spinal problems. The Drs give her narcotics. She is depressed, immobile, won't eat etc... I would love to see it legalized for all the people just like her that should not have to suffer. I never thought I would change my mind on the issue. It happens when your loved one is the one that is hurting.
she makes a case for evolution...
sounds like gross man is not in school today, working from mommy's basement again.
Not for me! I don't smoke it but my 80 year old mother is suffering from severe arthritis. If I thought it would help her, even a little, I'm all for it. Same goes for my neighbor who is watching her mother waste away from cancer and won't eat. I've heard the appetite will increase even for chemo patients. So, in the past I was 100% against. When it touches you personally, you tend to rethink your position.
Agreed. I've been saying this too. Where was the non-stop media coverage when that was going on?
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Duck Off

flfan Wrote: Dec 22, 2013 9:24 AM
I have been thinking this for days, just didn't know how to put it. Thank you for stating it this way!
good one ;)
I too, noticed the error. However, since it did not hamper my understanding of the article, I chose to let it go. I am not the spelling police.
yes, you are.
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