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Yep old Maxine master of deceit lies and outright socialist BS does it again.. now she will wreck havoc on the nation AGAIN! She should be in JAIL and NEVER been re elected but she represents the WORST and most CRIME riddled area in Los Angeles so you KNOW she is going to be put back in to run roughshod over her fiefdom! She needs to be put out to pasture and left to wither..
Here here KY I totally agree.. I am now a conservative independent. I am NOT donating to any republican national or state coffers, no more volunteering or much else. I will however vote. It seems to be the only thing we may have left next to the cartridge box! And THAT may come into play YET!
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In Despair, New York Times Pens Suicide Note

FLF Wrote: Oct 29, 2012 1:04 AM
"Liberals (and NY Times editors) always think their ideas are superior to facts.. they are so narrow minded that they can look through a key hole with both eyes." Good riddance to one of the worst anti American papers in the nation, full of Obot Zombies that need a wooden stake in the heart! And the quicker the better!
And the stats show 80 percent of kids in Chi Town can't read or understand 8th grade math! And the biggest percent do NOT graduate from high school and those that do can't read their diploma! What a GREAT job these teachers are doing..I say STICK IT IN YOUR FANNY and call it Macaroni!
iIt is known out here as Ingle-watts.. and is one of the WORST run cities in LA county. Nothing but scam artists, con artists, grifters, cheats and thieves and of course Osama Bin Obama supporters galore, ALL with their welfare hands out and in the taxpayer's pockets!
The reason this raving lunatic is still in office is the same as why Marion Barry was re elected in DC! Slapsy Maxie represents one of the most gang and drug infested totally black areas of Los Angeles. The literacy rate there can't even be measured. This area repeatedly elects known convicted criminals one was even in jail and was re elected! Everything is OK as long as you are black and one of the homeys.. nothing else matters! She plays and uses the race card as her patented excuse for all her crimes..
Liberalism is defined as standing on your head and then telling all around you that they are upside down..
That's right I forgot about 'obama's stash' .. he be gonna pay my car payments, house payments, big screen TV, and get me mo free stuff..
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