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Why the Obama Bubble Still Hasn’t Burst

FletchforFreedom Wrote: Oct 09, 2012 6:19 PM
As some of those things (being a follower of Alinsky does not mean he followed the man himself; there's no disputing that he has apologized to other countries in his speeches and on foreign trips; and the bill regarding botched abortions is a matter of public record) are well established, you are either really embarrassing yourself or overdoing the parody (even most Lefties aren't THAT stupid.

Can there be political bubbles like financial bubbles?

Financial bubbles, inflated by hopes and dreams, burst when reality negates any possibility that those hopes and dreams will be realized. At that point, sky high stock or bond or real estate prices come crashing down to earth.

Can the same thing happen in politics? Can a skilled politician, who has become popular with soaring rhetoric and promises, deflate when it starts becoming clear that he is not going to deliver?

Of course, I am thinking about our president.

Mitt Romney demonstrated in the first presidential debate that the considerable gap...