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The “Happy Planet Index” Ranks Venezuela, Albania, and Cuba Far Higher than the United States

FletchforFreedom Wrote: Nov 26, 2012 12:36 PM
News Flash: It's time to give congratulations. The New Economics Foundation, publishers of the "Happy Planet" rankings, has just ranked at the top of the Economic Imbeciles Indiex (EII - pronounced "eeeeyyiiiii" as if you've just stepped in something unpleasant). This comes as a great surpeise as the Economic (sic) Policy Institute (EPI) has topped the list for well over a decade. The center for Economic Policy Research came in third and the CBPP and PPI placed highly as they do every year. As the listing is reserved only for organizations ostensibly involved in economics, Marxist groups were excluded for having nothing to do with economics and for following a theory debunked while Marx was alive.

Rankings can be very useful tools, assuming the methodology is reasonable and the authors use robust data. I’ve cited many of them.

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