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Strangulation by Union

FletchforFreedom Wrote: Sep 26, 2012 1:06 AM
The middle class, the effective end to child labor, the 8 hour day, the weekend, significantly higher than "starvation wages", consistently iomproving working conditions and wage levels ALL preceded union activity (and regulation) by decades and yet there are still people so incredibly ignorant that they will insist that unions, magically, created these things (must have a time machine) and without unions they would not exist. Maybe their afraid that their mob connections or fellow union members will treat them with the same deadly force visited upon "scabs" (oh, wait, we're supposed to believe that all the violence was companies oppressing workers - HAHAHAHAHAHA!! - fools!)

The Chicago teachers strike is over, but the public didn't win. Schools will still transfer bad teachers to other schools because it's nearly impossible to fire them. When bad teachers go from school to school, principals call it "the dance of the lemons." It would be funny if those teachers didn't slowly wreck children's lives.

The basic issue is: Who decides how to manage a workplace? Unions say it's good that they protect American workers from arbitrary dismissal and make sure everyone is treated equally.

But it's not good.

Rules that "protect" government workers from arbitrary dismissal and require everyone...