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Obama Derangement Syndrome vs. Obama Denial Disorder

FletchforFreedom Wrote: Oct 16, 2012 1:05 AM
Didn't you know? As has been made abundantly clear by liberals right here at Townhall, Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams aren't "really" black so denouncing them cannot be racist. The charge of racism has nothing whatsoever to do with race (or reality). It's about convincing the morons among Obama supporters (but I repeat myself) that any criticism of His Holiness is unjustified. As it happens the average IQ is 100 points; sadly so is the cumulative IQ of Obama supporters.

Approaching the big 50, with 21 years around politics, I’ve never seen such anger and sometimes hate in America’s family as this election cycle.

Why? What’s the fierce opposition to Barack Obama from some…and the affronted, seeming incomprehension from supporters? And the tension and conflict between camps? How can other Americans watch removed, wondering at the intensity? Are some of us blind? Crazy? Others have their heads in the sand?

Books will be written and college courses taught exploring this subject. Here are a few suggested starting points from a sound perspective--mine:

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