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Minimum Wage, Maximum Foolishness

FletchforFreedom Wrote: Mar 08, 2013 1:19 PM
I can easily say it wirth a straight face because it is true. You actually need to LEARN TO READ instead of relying on the spin. The FACT is that the chief driver of inflation since the 1970s has been health care costs which are paid for with benefits. If you factor out health care costs, real wages would have increased substantially. But it is more accurate (as any economist will tell you) to consider total real compensation (which includes benefits) which, again, has steadily and substantially improved: The graph actuslly COMPLETELY DISPROVES your claim about benefits. Do try to keep up.

Should the federal government make life more difficult for low-skilled workers?

I hope everyone will emphatically say “NO!”

Heck, most people understandably will think you’re crazy for even asking such a preposterous question.

But some of those people will also think that it’s a good idea for politicians in Washington to make low-skilled workers less attractive to employers by raising the minimum wage.

I often ask such people whether they are more likely to buy a Big Mac if McDonald’s raises the price by 24 percent. They say they are less likely.

Minimum Wage Cartoon 2