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Is There a Libertarian Argument for another Four Years of Barack Obama?

FletchforFreedom Wrote: Nov 01, 2012 6:56 AM
It can be argued that, in a battleground state where it MIGHT make a difference, that not voting for the lesser evil is a defacto vote for the greater evil (and Godwin's a fruitbat). One reason to cast a conscience vote (as I did when I lived in the People's Republic of Maryland where a corpse could run - along with the thousands that vote - on the Dem ticket and win), is that a party (Constitution, Libertarian, what have you) whose ideas you might agree with need not expend resources to get on the ballot the next go-round if a certain vote threshold is acheived.

From a rational perspective, the logical choice is not voting. After all, the odds of your vote making a difference are infinitesimally small.

But that’s if you view voting as an “investment” choice – i.e., you taking time and effort to do X in hopes of getting Y in return.

The other view is that voting is a “consumption” choice – i.e., something we do for enjoyment, like eating a hamburger or going to a movie. You recognize your vote almost surely won’t matter, but you do it because it gives you pleasure to vote for someone (or, in my...

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