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Generation Obama: Unemployed, Debt-Ridden, and Homeless

FletchforFreedom Wrote: Dec 29, 2012 5:50 PM
Okay, I agree with you. It is incredibly naive to believe that an economic ignoramus such as yourself gives a damn about the country, children, or pretty much anyone but yourself.

It might seem easy to say, “you get what you vote for,” to the millions of young voters who supported President Obama and now can’t find work.

But, with a record number of young Americans becoming homeless, blaming the victim of President Obama’s well-crafted rhetoric doesn’t seem right.

In one of his last campaign speeches, President Obama told a crowd of people at the University of Wisconsin--Madison, “We tried our ideas; they worked. The economy grew. We created jobs.”

This sham President Obama cooked-up is nothing short of immoral for the millions of young Americans that have been...