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Courageous Pennsylvania School Officials Nab 5-Year Old Terrorist

FletchforFreedom Wrote: Jan 20, 2013 9:17 AM
REAL guns are tools. By your reasoning, children should not be able to play with a toy car without a license, use a toy kitchen until they can be trusted to cook dinner on a real stove, etc. Certainly children are immature and uneducated about many things in the real world, but, if THAT is the reason that we shouid not let children play with toy guns, then liberals should not be trusted to use their mouths (or keyboards) until they learn how to THINK and avoid making asinine comparisons between real and toy guns ... not to mention abandoning the universal failure that is progressivism.

It appears that my contest between the United States and United Kingdom for the most inane government policy how has to be augmented by a new contest between Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Just yesterday, I mocked Maryland officials for suspending two little boys for the horrific crime of playing cops and robbers (and noted that this is not the first time such stupidity has been displayed by Maryland school officials).

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