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Of course they don't want to show Ann Romney, a decent, beautiful, conservative woman with more class than than any tramp the DNC has to offer, so in FAIRNESS, they cannot air her speach as the Dems don't have anyone who can come close to competing.
Hey goof, the guy was not wearing kevlar on his head. Anyone that carries a weapon has had plenty enough practice to take that creeps head off, heck, my 16 year old daughter could have done it....
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Deport the GOP Establishment

FLChristyB Wrote: May 03, 2012 9:26 AM
Deport the GOP establishment? THAT WOULD MEAN ROMNEY!! PLEASE, he has held so many different positions on EVERY issue, it is embarrassing. "He promised to veto the DREAM Act, and he even campaigned with the author of Alabama and Arizona’s harsh immigration laws — on Martin Luther King Day. Romney started backtracking away from those positions as well, once he locked down his party’s nomination." HE WILL SAY ANYTHING to get elected, then do as he pleases once the election is over. Gee, sound familiar? Just what we need Obama lite....this country is so screwed...thanks Ann for supporting the 'establishment' in their goal of a Romney nomination, giving us no REAL choice AGAIN!!
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