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Why are you changing the subject, conservative fool?
" In 1986, Congress passed and President Ronald Reagan signed the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor law, which requires hospitals to admit all who arrive at the emergency room and treat them without regard for their ability to pay. In essence, we had federally mandated national health care – signed into law under a Republican administration. What we did not have is a rational way to pay for the mandated health care."
I'm glad I was able to keep you busy for a few hours. George Soros will send me a bonus check.
Yeah! And aliens are controlling the White House. Makes total sense.
brimley wrote: "and if Reagan had not signed it,. he would have been accused of throwing people in the street to die." Are you saying Reagan had NO backbone? Shame on you!
Page 3423 section C paragraph 3.
brimley wrote: "Let me also pay $750/ month for your insurance and it is sure to go down now." Yep and I just got my REBATE check from my health insurance company. Did you get yours? No? Are you a registered Repuglican? LMFAO.
Where has all the OUTRAGE been since 1986 when Reagan passed EMTALA? Crickets.
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