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Romney called it a penalty before he called it a tax before he called it a penalty before he took his last poll. Romney has no spine.
How many new agencies are created by your 4th cocktail? And why do you homo's insist on calling drinks cocktails?
Romney is screwed either way: 1.) If it's a tax then Romney raised taxes as Governor of Massachusetts. 2.) If it's a penalty then Romney can't use it as a weapon against Obama.
That's because it's not very funny when your wrong.
Uber Dave wrote: "If you scream because we have gotten to the point of squeezing blood from a turnip" When we have tax rates on the rich like we did in the 1980's you can use your turnip analogy. Right now we have people like Romney paying 13% tax rates while middle class workers pay 35%.
And that will be your downfall.
Yeah, like the voluntary taxes rich people can pay so they are paying the same rates as the middle class.
You have been declared an enemy combatant. Thanks to Bush/Cheney and the Patriot Act, President Obama now has the power to send you to Gitmo for a permanent vacation. Enjoy!
Who the f@ck cares? You already posted some number.
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