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Vast Majority of Palestinians Believe Armed Force Best Way to Deal With Israel

"Americans wanted independence from Britain; they did not want to destroy Britain." And Hamas & Fatah fell to civil war largely over the question of how to deal with Israel. Yet it is important to your mythology that all Palestinians seek the immediate death of every man woman & child in Israel, so these days we barely acknowledge the existence of the west bank... "To compare the American revolutionaries to the Palestinians is an insult to the United States." I'm afraid that the truth hurts sometimes.

A new poll out from Arab World research shows the vast majority of Palestinians believe the best way to handle Israel and gain independence is through an armed struggle. The poll also shows favoring of the terrorist group Hamas.

For the first time since 2006, more West Bank Palestinians support the political approach of Hamas as opposed to that of Fatah and its leader, Mahmoud Abbas, a new poll shows. And an overwhelming majority of Palestinians believe the results of the latest Hamas-Israel escalation that included Operation Pillar of Defense — Israel’s eight-day operation against terror targets...