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To Save Traditional Marriage, End State Involvement in Marriage

But the former Math teacher in me can't help trying to get it thru your skull that the population of Canada, and the ratio of the LGBT population to the total population, are not relevant. Let's make believe that the percentage of unmarried LGBT Canadians is X. (You think X = 99%, I (and a reference) say X = 67%.) Then, suddenly, 100 MILLION straight people move to canada. (Maybe Anthony Kennedy inspired them.) Does the value of X change? Why or why not?

Within the next few months, Justice Anthony Kennedy will likely rule that same-sex marriage is mandated by the Constitution of the United States. The ruling will offend both common sense and Constitutional law. But it will nonetheless become the law of the land. With it, states will be forced to recognize same-sex marriages; same-sex marriage will enter the public school lexicon; religious institutions will be forced to recognize same-sex marriages or lose their tax-exempt status. Religious Americans will be forced into violating their beliefs or facing legal consequences by the government. The First Amendment's guarantee of religious liberty will largely become...