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The Tax-The-Rich Fairy Tale

Reginald10: "Fine. Then let ALL people pay taxes on their income, share and share alike. If I pay 20%, then everyone else should too." The bottom 50% of the population has about as much wealth as the wealthiest 400-500 individuals. Taking all of it would eradicate only a little of the debt. The less-well-off can significantly impact the debt only by receiving less from the Govt than they (or we) do now.

A version of this column appeared originally in THE DAILY BEAST.

The Obama administration and its allies are so eager to portray tax hikes on the rich as the solution to all our problems that they desperately desire to persuade the public that tax cuts for the rich caused all those problems in the first place.

Perhaps the most outrageous expression of this argument comes in a controversial new video from the California Federation of Teachers called “TAX THE RICH: AN ANIMATED FAIRY TALE.”

This eight-minute piece of puerile propaganda features the warm and winning voice of the 83-year-old...