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Saving the Post Office One Day at a Time

This is getting boring, but just for sh-ts & giggles another C&P job: Right after you send your kids to that inner-city HS. After all, since the environment has nothing to do with the outcomes of it's students, I'm sure your children will serve as a shining example of enlightenment. Who knows, maybe one of them will grow up to fix the Postal service. And then you'll finally be able to claim that this whole excursion is not off-topic.

Last year the United States Post Office posted nearly $16 billion in losses. The three years before then averaged around $5 billion in losses. Now, the USPS Chief is looking at serious ways to save the Post Office which includes the end to Saturday mail and cuts in benefits.

The head of the financially struggling U.S. Postal Service said the agency must be allowed to ease the terms of prepayments into a retiree health-care fund and eliminate general mail delivery on Saturday.

Patrick Donahoe told "CBS This Morning" the agency isn't asking Congress for...

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