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Revenue Facts Blow Up the Obama-Biden Tax Cut Lie

Beauprez: "...that history has proven time and again that lower tax rates are a proven stimulus for increased economic activity which produces more, not less, revenue." Beauprez' charts above ignore the fact that if you do nothing at all to the tax code you will get more tax money each year in a growing economy. All these arguments based on the Laffer Curve start with an extrremely ideologically-driven assumption about where we presently are on it. In the Kennedy years one could plausibly claim that we were on the downside, I'm not so sure about nowadays. However much Beauprez & his pals try to ignore the fact, the Laffer Curve does pass through the origin.
FlamingLiberalMultiCulturalist Wrote: Oct 19, 2012 3:22 PM
WRTO 2003, revenue figures are skewed by people deferring capital gains &/or re-filing in order to take advantage of the lower rates.

And I do not know how anyone posessed of a brain can look at the 2002-2003 taxs and the results of the next decade and still glibly offer tax cuts to the 'Job Creators' as a prescription for economic health and job growth.

Whenever Republicans – or anyone else – propose a tax cut, Democrats run to the nearest microphone in horror crying about all the revenue it will "cost" the federal government.  Panicked Pols will foretell of massive firings of teachers and policeman, children will starve because school lunches will disappear, and condoms and birth control pills will vanish from Planned Parenthood stock rooms.

Such is the case in these waning days of the 2012 presidential campaign as Barack Obama and Joe Biden rail against the Romney-Ryan plan to lower the tax burden on Americans.  It's not just that Mitt and Paul believe...

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