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Republicans’ Easy Way to Defuse Social Issues

It is the Constitition itself that limits the powers of Federal Govt. And all manner of things were unthinkable in 1776 that are accepted now. Back then very, very few Black men married white women, for example. It just seems arbitrary to me to decide out of hand that all Social issues should be decided state-by-state.

This is part two of a column on the state of Republicanism and how they should move forward.

In 1973, the Supreme Court issued one of their worst rulings ever in Roe v. Wade. Largely made from “whole cloth,” the ruling has started a 40-year fight over abortion that unnecessarily has divided this country. If Republican principles were in place on this issue, then there would be a heated discussion; but the core of the fight would be defused and the issue would be handled at the state level where it properly belongs and where other issues should be handled.