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Real Talk: CBO Director Tells Democrats Social Security is a Deficit Problem

Then Glass is misrepresenting Elmendorf with the title of this column. I do not even know what Elmendorf means. I'm guessing the "interest payments" are interest on that 2.7 trillion. Even if that is the case, then Elmendorf is pretending that that huige $2.7 asset held by SS &/or Medcare somehow just "doesn't count", and that is cr@p. Agin, it's not good that the funds have to "go into principal", so-to-speak, but they aren't yet in deficit, they aren't yet broke.
Over the past few years, Democrats have clung to the idea that Social Security is a self-financing program that needs only tweaks to be fixed and, moreover, has not contributed at all to America's current debt and deficit problem. During Congressional Budget Office Director Doug Elmendorf's testimony to the Senate Budget Committee today, Democrat Jeff Merkley of Oregon prodded on this point.

"Is it fair to say," Sen. Merkley said, "that Social Security does not contribute to the national debt?"

"I don't think that's right, Senator," Elmendorf responded, before explaining the fiction of the accounting of the Social Security...