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Mile High Idea: Smoke Dope, Build Schools

"Many people use alcohol without harmful side effects. No one uses Pot without harmful side effects. " This is purest substitution of ideology for reality that I've ever encountered. The only harmful side effect of Pot suffered by all it's users (excluding those legally permitted to enjoy it's medical benefits) is the danger of being thrown in jail. "Today we have numerous criminal enterprises without Pot - and numerous Wars based on Legal substances - and Govt overreaching everywhere for spurious reasons or no reasons at all." I do not know the formal Rhetorical label for this particular brand of B.S. I suspect that several apply.

I hate to start something here with a trite phrase. But sometimes you read about things that make you wonder what some people are smoking.

In Colorado this year a cabal of known associates is getting together to try to legalize the sale, cultivation and possession of marijuana under what’s known as Amendment 64.

Their pitch says that by state regulation and control of dope deals, the consequent revenue collected can benefit K-12 education in the state, now under tight budget constraints.

Yeah, you heard that right: Make pot legal and build schools with the first $40 million in...