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Israel Prepares for Ground War Against Hamas

I was lucky enough to get through to the Michael Medved show a few minutes ago, and Michael was interviewing his brother Jonathan who apparently lives in Israel. I asked the same question of them, and Jonathan replied: "Yes, there was an *incredible* recent provocation, and now one covered it but the Medved show----" but then Michael pressed the Big Red Hangup Button, and I had already left my car and could not turn on the radio, so I've no idea what Jonathan said. Can anybody fill that in?!?

Over the weekend, more than 400 Hamas rockets came flying into Israel. The Iron Dome, Israel's missile defense system, shot down the majority of them but not all, leaving nearly a dozen Israelis injured. Diplomatic talks have been underway for days but nothing seems to be happening. Egypt has taken the side of Hamas and the rocket attacks aren't stopping. This has prompted Israel to prepared ground troops for a potential invasion of Gaza.

Thousands of Israeli troops are massed near the Gaza border, meanwhile, awaiting an order to invade should Israeli leaders decide to widen the...