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Friday Fun: Israel vs The World

It's funny swimware. I see you and people like you as regarding all the Palestinians as foaming-at-the-mouth terrorists, such that while Palestinians murder Israeli civilians, it is impossible for Israel to do anything other than eliminate terrorists. Yet I suppose I'm guilty of the same thing myself. When you wrote "...Just the ones engaged in warfare" above, my only reaction was to be happy that you are at least granting the possible existence of Palestinians, perhaps even adult male ones, who are not terrorists. Hours later, I thought: Applying your standards to our forefathers, I guess that makes Washington a terrorist and Patrick Henry a terrorist. Do they still annoy you? Do you more admire the peace-loving Tories?

In light of the media blaming Israel for violence in the Gaza strip this week, which is really just Israel finally defending itself against terrorists after months of rockets landing in the Jewish State, Steven Crowder has made a video explaining the situation in three minutes and gives a compelling argument about why liberals should support Israelis, not Palestinians.