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Friday Fun: Israel vs The World

Israel enforces a land, sea, and air blockade of Gaza. That is why they turn back ships that attempt to bring supplies to Gaza. Under Mubarak, Egypt kept it's borders with Gaza mostly closed, honoring treaties with Israel, though they looked the other way when tunnels were dug. The currrent Egyptian Govt may be different. Israel says the blockade is against military technology, but it does things like say that concrete is military technology because you can use it to build a bunker in which to hide from drone strikes. The Israeli blockade is economic warfare by starvation.

In light of the media blaming Israel for violence in the Gaza strip this week, which is really just Israel finally defending itself against terrorists after months of rockets landing in the Jewish State, Steven Crowder has made a video explaining the situation in three minutes and gives a compelling argument about why liberals should support Israelis, not Palestinians.