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" So all the government you refer to is handled locally..." This is just dumb.
Tell me, TheHeretic, as our society grows larger in population, larger in GNP, and ever larger in technological, social, human and political complexity, does the Minimum Amount of Government required to govern our society (a) shrink, (b) remain the same, or (c) increase ?
Is it OK if I tell Harry he can skip the 50+ Obamacare Repeal Measures & anything else as stupid? That should bring it down near zero.
It's obvious that I'm talking about Corporate Personhood, the fundamental perversion of the Vision of our Founders.
Henry, there are so many measures by which the HealthCare System in other countries puts ours to shame that I'm amazed you even say the above. Life Expectancy, Infant Mortality, Dollars Per Person,... we are nowhere near the top. I think it is accurate to say that we do have available to those who can afford it the best Healthcare that money, lots and lots and lots of money, can buy.
And what stands out most in my mind about the Govt our Founders Designed is that when they "vested the power in We the People", they would likely have shot anyone who insisted that "We the People" included Monsanto, GE, or any other Legal Corporation. Either that or locked such people in an insane asylum.
"Our founders designed our system of limited gov, complete with stop signs, dead ends, and 3 equal branches expressly with a Barack Obama in mind. " Whatever the founders intentions, this is the least productive Congress in the Nation's history. And it presided over a shutdown.
That may have been true at various points over the ACA's tumultuous history, but the link I gave above shows that as recently as 9/1/2014 a majority of people did not want to Abolish it, even though a majority of people (likely not the same set of people, though doubtless a large overlap) did not like the law. Maybe people can simultaneously wish it never passed and not want to Abolish it? I don't know..
Umm, so, you want to abolish medicare, medicaid, and Obamacare? They're all federal....
IMHO this is as much due to GOP Sabotage as any other reason. Many of those who dislike Obamacare want it fixed rather than Abolished. Hell, I want changes to it. And with nearly half the states in the country denied the Medicaid Expansion tat vital to achieving the goal of Healthcare for all, nearly half the country cannot even experience the ACA. That may have something to do with less-than-majority support for it.
Interesting article, but I do not place great value on the words of people who hate Liberalism and Government when they tell me what either is or what either should be. Goldberg: "But as a matter of policy, Obama's real challenge came from within. Government's failures in recent years cannot be laid at the feet of the Republican Party but at the feet of the Democratic Party...." And stuff like this is one of the main reasons why. In 2008 the people selected Obama and his agenda, including OBAMACARE. They re-affirmed that selection in 2012. In response the GOP has raised obstruction to a high art and doubled down on the ideology rejected by a majority of the citizenry in two national elections. That Obamacare works at all in this environment of constant obstruction and sabotage is a testament to it's rightness and necessity. In the face of this reality only a Rightwing ideologue would say what Goldberg says in the above quote.
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