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Didn't you hear? The Pope has been excommunicated from the True RightWing Religion, Corporate FreeMarket Capitalism, for daring to suggest that some people were taking the worship of profit too far.
Oh dear, you are making far too much sense to go unscathed hereabouts. Brace yourself.
And even the Supreme Earthly leader of the Catholic Church, Christ's steward here on earth, is scornfully dismissed as a fool in these quarters when he dares question the slavish worship of the ALMIGHTY FREE MARKET!. Truly, the CORPORATE PERSONS have recruited their willing flesh-and-blood Judas goats well.
So far it feels pretty good! My spleen feels delightfully vented, {rager might be on to something here.
Perhaps we'd also uncover efficiencies of scale within the rail system.
AIDs is spread by promiscuity, regardless of sexual orientation. AIDS is rampart in much of Africa, spread heterosexually. Men, regardless of their sexual orientation, are on average more promiscuous than women. Consequentially, AIDS tends to spread faster among gay men than among heterosexuals, and faster among heterosexuals than among lesbians. Your attitude, as expressed in your comment above, makes as much sense as outlawing everything except lesbianism.
"....… Well because they think it was unfair that anti-union voices were allowed to make their case on TV, highway billboards, and newspaper columns." This is BULLPOOP! The UAW objects to SITTING TENNESSEE STATE SENATORS THREATENING TO PENALIZE THE PLANT and withdraw the incentives they offered to attract it, should the plant's employees vote in a Union.
Dear Ranger Walker, *Sigh*...I didn't read parts 1 & 2. But here in part 3, You spend a whole column running on about all the bad things that will happen should we stop throwing people in jail and ruining the rest of their lives for eating glazed donuts, all the while ignoring the fact that we not only let people eat chocolate cream donuts, we have a multi-billion-dollar industry based on their consumption of chocolate cream donuts! Consistency, consistency, consistency, consistency, CONSISTENCY Ranger Walker! It's opposite is BULLSH-- , and the young people about whom you are so concerned recognize the smell. And because of it they lose their respect for the law.
Monica & Bill in 2014?? This column means that we Liberals can continue to blame GW Bush for everything that is wrong with the country. :)
Compcon: "...a belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for a circumstance or event." I don't like this definition. A single individual can be at the root of a conspiracy. It need not be an organization, it need not be covert or influential.
You're the only one who is spouting conspiracy theories like the above, Compcon. All I say, and still say, that someone else confessed to the crime and that needs to be investigated.
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