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Me: " But i never found anybody providing a list of the organizations that applied for 501-c4 status..." I spent some time trying to find such a list on my own, with no luck. It's funny, you'd think that would be about the very first thing that someone trying to claim that the IRS was targeting conservative groups would present.
"... the illegal targeting of conservative groups attempting to achieve 501 c4 status..." Oh yeah, seems like I heard a lot of hot air about that a while back. (Along with this 'Ben Gazi' thing. What was that? Some conservative black physician, I think?) But i never found anybody providing a list of the organizations that applied for 501-c4 status, much less their political leanings. Just complaints from Right- and Leftwing groups outraged that the IRS had sent them a questionnaire trying to figure out if a majority of their activity was political in nature. (Y'lnow, like the definition of 501-c4 says they have to find out?) So I just dismissed it as RightWingNut BS.
"We got something that will REALLY impress you, Bwucie..." Look, it may impress you when you pull it out of your pants to play with it while sitting on the toilet looking at Hustler magazine, but I'd prefer not to hear about it, thanks very much.
Oh yeah, you mean when Al Sharpton said on 11/25/2014: ""We condemn the violence and looting that happened last night, but we also condemn the violence that happened on Aug. 9 … If you're on Michael Brown's side, you walk with dignity. If you're on Michael Brown's side, you stand up with pride. If you do anything to harm others, you're on your own side." Or when NBC reported: "Civil-rights activist and MSNBC host Rev. Al Sharpton followed Koster's remarks at the church and agreed that Ferguson and the country were facing "a defining moment." Sharpton said he and Michael Brown's family "condemned" the looters. "There's a difference between an activist and a thug," Sharpton said." Question is where were YOU? Busy swallowing FOX BS??
You mean when the IRS actually tried to implement those F'ed up 501-C4 regulations that the GOP passed in the hopes of making govt oversight of politician-purchasing go away? Is that what you're talking about?
"Reminder as Ferguson Tension Grows: Obama Marched With The Black Panthers" Well, thank you Town Hall and Katie! I can just feel the tension easing now that you've pointed that out....
Really!?!?!? I'm impressed! It's about time.
Here's why I support comprehensive immigration reform:
"Welfare has not made a dent in the poverty rate." You know this? You must show us more data from your alternate universe wherein there was no welfare.
You seem very analytical here: " There are more poor, so more crime is committed by poor folks. It is not a cause." I might speculate that a poor person is more likely to shoplift food from a grocery store than a rich one, because a poor person is more likely to need it. This is just a speculative thought experiment, it's not statistical analysis. But I suspect any random sampling of wealthy adults vs poor ones would reveal a higher percentage of petty larceny of foodstuffs among the poor. But when the scientific method runs afoul of RightWing Ideology, it seems that science gets tossed out on it's ear. (Why am I not surprised?) : ".... to the extent we tried to deal with it by handing out welfare we made it worse" Really? How do you even measure that? Sometimes "handing out welfare" works so well that the beneficiaries advance to where they turn around and agree with you, a la Clarence Thomas and Ben Carson.
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"As I filled my 20 gallon tank I was ecstatic with the amount of money I had saved..." THANKS, OBAMA!
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