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Perhaps Obama should reserve three cabins at Camp David, labeled "Benjamin", "Rami", and "Ismail", and see if he can get anybody to show up.
"The chair recognizes the Republican Senator from Tel Aviv..."
Me: But tell me, have you read Numbers 5: 13-24? What do you think that those "Bitter "Waters"... will do to any fetus within her, conceived via Adultery or not (as if that mattered)?" Rich5092: "Numbers chapter 5 is not about abortion..." "...your spouse sleeps around, what would the average person do?" "The punishment was for the unfaithful wife--who would suffer, possibly die..." You mean the likely pregnant wife? And you accuse me of 'tap-dancing'? I think I must pass on the 'tap-dancing crown' to you. Rich5092: "Now, we can address verses that fully clarify what the Lord believes about when Life begins...Or, hey, how about this, let's look at what some notoriously pro-abortion advocates..." So, you cannot actually find any Biblical verses that support your view? Gee, even I did that. The URL I cited above has some.
I nominate Josh Shapiro, he'd blow Toomey out of the water.
Changing "blacks" to "the blacks" ? Changing "a government" to "the government" ? This is a reach, I don't see any significant change of meaning. If Coulter wants to write a column on trivialities, she could note that after the President appealed to Politicians (and by extension political society n general) to have arguments about real issues, and move away from "gotcha moments" and fake controversies, everybody (especially the Liberal Media) is ragging on Joni Ernst for her Wonderbread bags. As a Liberal I find that a little bit embarrassing (and funny, too, I must admit).
There are other Bible passages that support the Pro-Life View with varying degrees of explicitness, such as:
" you have to keep tap-dancing trying to use biological terms such as zygote and embryo.." I use those terms (and 'fetus') when I mean them. When I think that a fetus becomes a baby I explicitly say so. Learn to use words. "That being said, Flamer, as the right to life is codified in our very foundational governing document..." All of our inalienable rights are recognized to apply to PEOPLE, to PERSONS, to HUMAN BEINGS. The born alive infant protection act ( ) codifys that status ("person") to infants born alive. It's clause (c) specifically notes that the definition does not extend to the unborn. "Uh, no, Flamer, the Bible has been quite clear on this--there is no ambiguity there either. It is not a matter of opinion or interpretation." Cite away if you wish. But tell me, have you read Numbers 5: 13-24? What do you think that those "Bitter Waters", which will "cause her belly to swell" and "her thigh to rot" will do to any fetus within her, conceived via Adultery or not (as if that mattered)? Do you understand that by God's Law a man may do this to his wife if he so much as suspects her of Adultery? Doesn't that say *anything* to you about the Biblical stance regarding the Personhood of the Fetus?
I thought it was fake. I'm amazed they'd drop it today.
My, but you can run on at the mouth (or keyboard), Rich5092. I don't know if I will read all this stuff.
"Exactly! So why do you seek to override his judgement by assuming it can't be before 24 weeks? Sorry you can't have it both ways." There isn't one! There is a cardinal5671 judgement, but the God that you and I worship provides us with no such judgement, and in all sincerity I caution you against putting words in his mouth. I assume nothing about his judgement. I'm no Biblical Scholar, but I know that great thinkers like Thomas Aquinas have wrestled with this issue ('ensoulment' in Catholic Theological terminology) for much of their lifetimes. I trust that if there was such a definite "judgement" they'd've noticed. That being said, even if we had a pronouncement from the Bible saying exactly when the fetus became a Human Being, We'd still have no Right to codify that into USA Law, because we are not a Christian Theocracy.
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