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I know nothing of this. I only know of Michael Brown because of the news and social media. You, OTOH, have the power to do something about that. URL?
I'd like to think that if I were Black and living in Ferguson (and not a 60 year old old fart) I would not be out there looting stores at night. It's wrong, people should not loot. But I'm not judging them, I never went through anything like what their daily life seems to be like. And I will NOT join with those who put down the looters as vermin, saying things like 'they are destroying their own home'. If home is a place where you feel safe, especially where you feel safe because you pay taxes to employ people whose job is to keep you safe, then these people do not really have a home. Do they? Why did the local police release that video, despite being advised not to by DOJ? I can see only one reason. They wanted to tell us that Michael Brown was scum, that people like him (of his, err, 'continental origin') are usually scum, so all of us good people should stop paying attention while the police treat them like scum, up to and including putting them down when they think it's a good idea. I'd like to think I would never be a looter. But I will not judge those people. I'm not qualified, I haven't lived my life under that injustice. Mr. Davis seems certain that they haven't either, he seems to think that they are making it all up or something. At some point, the response to that has to be labeled insurrection and not 'rioting', kind of like what started this county some 250+ years ago.
It's funny that you should bring this up. I was just thinking how often children walk in the street in front of my house. That was a residential street, not a main road. If the subsequent events hadn't happened I'd find it funny that the officer could drive by them, then back up next to them, and then tell them to stop blocking the street.
Like charity, accountability begins at home, Mr. Davis. And a prerequisite for the highest form of accountability, self-accountability (what many call 'conscience') is our perception and a willingness to re-evaluate and reconsider it. I see none of this in you. You write this column as if, up until the instant of Michael Brown's death, the people of Ferguson lived in a sunny paradise of peaceful racial harmony. You cannot even consider racism as the source of their rage without prefacing your references to it with dismissives like "artificially-heightened", and you assign more blame for the resulting riots to Al Sharpton than to anyone who pulled a trigger. That any one of that towns Black residents (and a good portion of the others) will tell you that Mr. Brown's death was a final straw and can give you a rich history of events leading up to it means nothing to you. No, they are delusional captives of liberal-inspired "professional victimhood". By any objective measure the ongoing brutal slaughter by ISIS is a more heinous atrocity than the killing of a single black teenager under questionable circumstances. But, and please pay close attention to the following, precisely because accountabilty is *not dead*, is in fact alive and well in me, I feel a concern, a worry, a sickness inside of me, an outrage even over Michael Brown's death that I do not feel about the beheading of James Foley. I feel this even though I do not definitively know the circumstances of Mr. Brown's death. And why? Because Mr. Brown's death happened in MY COUNTRY!! At the hands of part of MY NATION'S GOVERNMENT!! I don't live in that town, or that state even, but YOU AND I share a level of responsibility for what happens in this country that is far greater than our responsibility (our ACCOUNTABILITY) for what happens in Iraq. Accountability begins at home, and it's deadliest killer is an overblown self-righeousness. Maybe it is dead for some, but as you translate your ossified attidudes into this self-righteous column, take a moment to consider what grave you may be dancing upon.
Maybe if killed by a black police officer, after it happens often enough. ANd it seems to me the 'predominately white community' has already been practicing on busloads of frightened Central American children. I'm sure they'd do just fine.
We have two eyewitness reports in the news that really seem to make justification a stretch.
"Corroboration by whom? The gunman's accomplices?" Which gunman? The one with the badge or the other one?
" of your fine upstanding citizens pointing a gun at police was also shot." So say the police. This needs independent corroboration.
Extreme Times call for extreme measures, and I read over & over again on this website that that's what we're in now, so I'll take TH at their word. As I read about the Police slaughtering young Black men in Ferguson (in those outlets that do not hide from it), and inspired by those Patriotic (WHITE) Americans over at the Clive Bundy spread who stay healthy and even brag about it as they point loaded assault rifles at Federal Agents, I think it's time to go to Kickstarter or one of the other such sites and start a crowdsourcing campaign to fund the arming of EVERY ADULT BLACK MAN & WOMAN IN FERGUSON with a LONG WEAPON to OPEN CARRY in the streets every place that there may be a black adolescent traveling from point A to point B (which seems to be illegal in the minds of local law enforcement), in order to protect them from any, err, potential excess of law-enforcement zeal. Said campaign should explicitly specify that, since it is the apparent goal of law enforcement to saddle every black male with a criminal record by adulthood, such a record will NOT be a disqualification. I daresay that if successful this move, if nothing else, will INSTANTLY give a whole new complexion to the gun-control debate. Pun intended.
"Another strawman comment." 'strawman' does not mean 'Duke Nookie does not like it' It is relevant to the claim that there is no revenue. "i am, a slave to people like you" And I am a slave to the drone-strikers generating new Jihadi's in Pakistan.
Oh yeah, I can see you're so sorry. Less than $0.01 worth of sorry, but nonetheless very, very sorry. Maybe it's time to cut some more taxes on the .01%, and get more of that 'trickle' flowing.
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