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Can People or Corporations Have Too Much Cash?

"We know.." BZZT! Ideological extremism alert. (Though Rush usually pumps it up to 'We ALL know..") "... the money belongs to those that earned it and they should be able to so with it what they will..." In theory we have a Govt of the People, and that Govt decided to collect tax to finance services to the people. How much services, how much tax, all gets hammered out in Govt. Now, big biz (& the 1%'ers) sit on all that cash largely because that govt enacted the Bush tax cuts, esp to Capital Gains. The resulting windfall was billed as 'Job Creation' funds, clearly not the resulting case. It is in the Govt's purview to revisit those cuts.

Is it possible to have too much cash for your own good?

I believe the average 7th grader would easily recognize the inherent absurdity of such a question. However, the average economic writer does not understand what the average 7th grader does.

For example, please consider Apple isn't the only company with too much cash on CNN Money by author Paul La Monica.

Issuing preferred shares that pay a big dividend may not be the best use of...

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