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Cads for Choice!

All people's wages have stagnated since the late 1970s, not women's vs men's, indeed lost money in real buying power terms. The point is that the growth in two-wage-earner households concealed this for a long time.

At least Toure is honest.

On the 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, the MSNBC commentator literally thanked God and country for abortion. Fifteen years ago, he was in a “committed relationship” with a woman “who I knew was just not the one.” As Toure explained:

“She got pregnant, and I was terrified…I knew that pregnant woman and I were not going to be able to form a lasting family. She decided it was best to have an abortion and days later she did, we did, and in some ways that choice saved my life. I remain committed to being pro-choice...