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A Tale of Two Countries

Kali_Fred: "Name me a corporation that can appear on your doorstep armed to the teeth and terrorize you and put you in jail." Like most RightWingNuts and Corporate Lackeys you hide behind a false dichotomy. Your argument would not be so stupid if we actually had a Government of the People. But ever since the founding of our Nation monied interests have been bit-by-bit appropriating the Rights of Citizenship for Legal Corporations, to the point where nowadays they have the same free speech rights that God rarnted you & I, they have equal protection under the 14th amendment,and they have largely PURCHASED our government. I see THIS as the fundamental, underlying threat to our Liberty and Freedom.

It has become an accepted truism in American politics that both Democrats and Republicans want the same things: a prosperous America, a strong America, an America true to principles of freedom and liberty.

Perhaps 50 years ago that was true.

Today, it no longer is.

The fact is that the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are no longer arguing over means; we are arguing over ends. Democrats know that economic prosperity for the broad swath of the United States cannot be bought with higher taxes; even Bill Clinton recognized as much in the 1990s, which is why he lowered capital gains taxes dramatically...